Commenting Guidelines for CoL

Hey peeps! In the header tab above you will find a new page, titled “Commenting Guidlines.”

If you are a regular commenter on the blog or have any inclination to comment in the future please read it before commenting.

I value the free exchange of ideas as long as they are done civilly. I don’t have “moderators” on this site and I am one man with many more important things that rightfully demand my time other than this online journal of my thoughts. I’ll sometimes have to make decisions swiftly and seemingly subjectively with certain comments.

As readership grows (which I am thankful for) so will the parameters for discussion. I hope you see this as a good thing for everyone.

Above all I want you to know I value your readership and involvement.

Peace and grace,

Bryan Daniels

Author: Bryan Daniels

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Jessica, and a father of three boys: Josiah, Gideon and Judah. I teach high school math as a job, read reformed theology as a hobby, and write this blog just for kicks. With the rest of my time I coach football and track.

15 thoughts on “Commenting Guidelines for CoL”

  1. I had to “trash” a lengthy comment just this morning that had nothing to do with my blog and was opposed to my beliefs. But rather than engage in a debate I just trashed it. You have a good idea here. I hope it helps filter the junk!

  2. We should all take note. My blog isn’t nearly as trafficked as yours nor am I as versed to raise debate with any of my simple stories, but this is a prudent measure I should consider! Thank you.

  3. I here you Chief. I belong to other Christian groups on Facebook, mainly Women’s groups and have seen the Flaming and self promotion get totally out of hand. You’ve got to have rules & regulations and folks need to obey and behave themselves. Even on LinkedIn Groups I see people getting into arguements and confrontations online with people they’ll never actually see or meet. So immature. Sometimes if you disagree with another person’s opinion it’s best to keep that thought to yourself and not broadcast bad manners thus stirring up a hornet’s nest!

  4. I totally agree Chief!!!…

    I recently made a comment on a Christian blog regarding my “own” personal experience upon receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit (with the evidence of speaking in tongues) and what a difference it has made in my “own” personal relationship with Christ and was amazed at the tirade of hateful, insensitive and judgmental comments that I received from other so-called Christians…

    Because I know without a shadow of a doubt what I have received from God through his Holy Spirit and the fruit that has been reproduced in and through my life as a believer for the Kingdom of God… I chose not to get into some futile religious debate but to instead Pray that others would not try to place God in the box of their theological ignorance and experiences… But instead be open to what God want’s to do in their lives… Whenever and however he wants to do it…



  5. This is your blog and you are entitled to deal with comments as you see fit.
    If you wish to post in order to merely have discourse with fellow believers then fine. Unfortunately chrisianity has no set rules amongst its adherrants as your last commentor experienced, and I certainly have not been hateful. Insensitive only if you or others are insenstive, and if I was not made of sterner stuff some of the derogatory remarks made against atheism would have had a lesser person crying in his tea.
    How anything I post can be worse than believing and stating as a perceived fact that I shall be doomed to eternal damnation in the fires of your god’s hell merely because i don’t care to worship ‘him’ is beyond me. But comments like this are okay, I suppose, because “It is written”. and aren’t bad at all when compared to suggesting christians are traumatized etc. which is obviously heinous.
    Sheesh, telling someone they are going to hell is guaranteed not to traumatize right? Try it on a young kid and see the reaction.
    “You’re a bad kid and if you don’t come right you will burn in Hell.”
    Hmmm. Wonder how many ‘good christians’ have used this line on their children?
    Anyway, like I said. ‘Tis your blog.

    1. I don’t know what you mean by the “last commenter”

      Thank you for understanding. Again I will hold everyone to the same standard.

      I don’t “merely want to have discourse” with other believers. That is exactly why you have been given an opportunity to air EVERYTHING you have wanted to. I believe you have close to 90 comments on my blog just from the past two weeks alone. I haven’t deleted one (even the one you called me stupid) even though you usually start the name calling (I know of ONE example you haven’t).

      I can handle all the huffing and puffing against Christianity just fine but there are plenty of others I must be mindful of. There are many commenters (including an atheist) who don’t appreciate your inflammatory tone and consistent insults on the intellect/character of a whole group that dares to disagree with you.

      Peace and grace.

      1. his comment…
        “I recently made a comment on a Christian blog regarding my “own” personal experience upon receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit (with the evidence of speaking in tongues) and what a difference it has made in my “own” personal relationship with Christ and was amazed at the tirade of hateful, insensitive and judgmental comments that I received from other so-called Christians…”

        Also, and not intending to whine, you may recall the first comment made to me by Josh Peacock was “You’re an idiot…”
        Not that I care a damn, to be honest. This is what he thinks. If he’s wroing then he’ll look like the idiot. Based on sme of his posts I would say it’s a given.

        Nate is a different person to me. That’s his bag. But what he means is little different to me otherwise he wouldn’t have turned his back on your god.
        And his dad seems to be desperately trying to coax him back. Must be tough on the bloke. I hope Nate keeps it together.

        Ninety comments. Shew, you went and tallied up?
        Nicefor you to be so popular;)

        If you have to worry about others then they have no resolve in their faith. Let them look after themselves.

        If a subject can’t stand on its own merits then it’s not a faith worth believing in.
        I don’t start the ‘name calling’…this starts with the post – that’s what it is; a viewpoint or opinion.
        “My god is great…etc.etc ” or some such.

        If you feel it’s the right thing to do, then delete away. Maybe you gain and I don’t really lose.

        I’ll still come back to read , don’t worry, and I really won’t be offended either way, you have my word…as an atheist.

        1. Well, my Dashboard counts the commenting stats, I just glance at them from time to time. : )

          Josh was the “one” I referenced in my last comment.

          This has nothing to do with you stating your opinion and arguing it til the cows come home. If that is all you did you would hear nothing from me; but a generous amount of your comments become personal and inflammatory after a while and that is the issue.

          Someone espousing that their “God is great” is not name calling, it is simply stating their belief and exercising their right to do so. If you equate that to name calling then you will probably feel offended by much of what I write.

          Peace and grace.

  6. I have faced this a lot lately. I’m probably not bold enough as a believer but even the simple comments I make on Facebook lately tend to make people angry. I had one guy tell me this week (regarding me finding comfort in God through the recent death of my mother) that my beliefs were meaningless and that it was all just wishful thinking. He ended with telling me my “god” was a “sexist a**” and not to dillude myself with thinking He is loving or hopeful. I don’t understand why people who don’t believe are so concerned with my beliefs. If you don’t believe in anything, why are you so vehemently against me believing? What does it matter? I cried and cried when I read what this hateful, mean person wrote to me. I couldn’t understand why or how anyone could say such mean things to a person who is going through such a loss. When I wrote back to him, I was never judgmental or condescending in any way. He just continued to get more angry and started name calling. I can’t understand it. 

    1. So sorry to hear that Jane. Such illogical anger is a strange phenomenon. I don’t understand it either. The feelings of people in grieving always should trump our thirst for “being right.” Prayers and blessing to you in this time. May the Comforter continue to give you peace and grace in abundance. You are in good hands..

    2. JaneEmily, Ignore that person. When my parents passed away many years ago I too found solace in God, his Word the Holy Bible and family. But that was way before social networking. There is nothing wrong with faith in God and that awful person just has no heart. They are mean spiteful and filled with hate. You can’t reason with idiots. Don’t fuel the ignorant flames within them even with thoughtful compassionate reasoning. It’s like casting pearls before swine.

      Right now you’re in a hurting place. In fact if possible block that person using the FB Privacy settings. Don’t allow them to have their way through hurting you even more than the grief you’re now experiencing.

      I can hear my late beloved Mom Mable Palmer saying, “God Don’t Like Ugly and What goes around comes around.” Needless to say that wicked person will receive their due reward/punishment unless they repent.
      JaneEmily, Be Blessed young sister!

      DeBorah Ann

    3. First of all, JaneEmily, my condolences on the loss of your mother. Like Bryan said, you’re in the right hands for comfort. I agree with you in not understanding the ANGER about our belief. It goes well beyond not agreeing with us. Peace to you.

  7. Nice blog. You seem plenty gracious to me. What a wonder that you are stirring up so much with your blog. Praise God and may his kingdom come starting right here and now.

    Keep it coming.

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