Share the Linkage-Love Saturday

I had such a good time spreading the linkage-love last week I felt a similar urge to do the same this week too. No frills, no SEO kings/queens, no platforms, just simple people with a unique and captivating voice that should be heard.

There are some truly interesting people out there. Like, literally, everyone.

Below are some fine folk who are worth your blog-perusing time:

Gary Shogren’s Blog-Gary is an American seminary professor currently teaching in Costa Rica. If you have questions about the veracity of Scripture, especially regarding New Testament studies (especially the KJV controversy : )), give him a holler. Gary is knowledgeable, polite, and more than willing to tackle the toughest biblical issues.

Original Apple Junkie-This British girl and college student in Portugal does blogging like it was originally meant to be done. She’s intensely personal, self-deprecating, and her writing is a bit like taking a sneak peek into one’s journal (look at her recent Dentist adventures). I don’t know her personally, but from blog interactions I wouldn’t be surprised if she had the spiritual gift of encouragement.

Captivated by Christ-Linden C. Wolfe has a PhD in biblical studies, but he has a very readable style and simple consistent message: Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2). Linden churns out relevant material with theological depth on a daily basis. If you like what you read then check out his published books, they would be well worth it too.

Finding Truth-Nate’s blog is about his personal journey out of Christianity and into skepticism. He has an engaging style and is open to thoughtful discussion with people from all differing viewpoints. Nate’s one of the more honest and cordial people I’ve come across in the blogosphere.

Refusing to Tiptoe– Cristal has a great gift of writing she shares through her Christ-centered family oriented blog. She has a winsome way of drawing provoking analogies through the mother-child relationship she has with her young boys. She frequently shares biblical drawings and sketches from her son’s hands that will make you smile. I love the back story to the title of her blog too.

He First Loved-This uncommon group of college aged young adults have a contagious passion for Christ and it shows effervescently in their writing.  Led by Isaac Adams, their vision: “We’re regular people saved by the anything but regular God.” Go join them in their hope to spread the 1 John 4:19 message.

Enjoy your Saturday peeps. Give a hug to somebody you love. *If you ain’t got nobody here’s a virtual (side)hug from me*

His peace and grace,

Bryan Daniels

Author: Bryan Daniels

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Jessica, and a father of three boys: Josiah, Gideon and Judah. I teach high school math as a job, read reformed theology as a hobby, and write this blog just for kicks. With the rest of my time I coach football and track.

23 thoughts on “Share the Linkage-Love Saturday”

  1. Thank you for the great introductions. Especially intrigued by “Finding Truth” and the intelligent, thoughtful arguments he lays forth. It’s always refreshing to interact with an atheist or questioner without all the name calling and one-upsmanship.

  2. Awwww! Side hug back to you, Bryan!! I am honored to have been listed HERE. On THIS blog. Wow. You were way too kind with your description of Refusing to Tiptoe (but I’ll take all I can get). 😉

    Thank you!!!

      1. When I shared the good news with Caleb, he asked me for your name. His reply, “Oh. I’ve heard of him.” I wondered how my 12yo could know you. He explained, “Bryan Daniels is a quarterback in Missouri.” (Coach’s kid) 😉

  3. I’m actually honoured..
    I think I downplay how awesome I actually think you are!
    It was when I was going through tough times that I’d read a post of yours and feel’s also here that I can (and have) expressed my opinions and feel like they will be taken without prejudice..I learn a lot here every time I read a post..and I feel we crossed paths for a reason..God doesn’t do things by accident!
    Thank you for the wonderful acknowledgement..but I really think it’s *you* that *I* need to be thankful for!
    God Bless..and please remain awesome.. 😛

  4. Thanks for the link! I also appreciate the kind comments from you and Kent. I’ve really enjoyed our discussions and look forward to many more!

  5. Thanks for posting these links. I’ve only been a part of the “WordPress community” for a few months, but it’s been so encouraging to interact with fellow brothers and sisters.

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