Plagiarism And The High Calling Of Unknown Bloggers…

plagiarism by another blogger

I remember a couple months ago I happened on a fellow blogger’s site through a twisted path of gravatars and comment sections. The first thing I noticed there was a curious post eerily similar to one I had published the day before. Upon further investigation I found it was almost exactly what I had published the day before.

The title was changed. A few sentences were changed. But whole sections were obviously copied and pasted and left unchanged from my original piece. I looked for my name as a reference/footnote/shoutout and found it nowhere. No linkage love at all.

Roughly 800 words of unique thought. Misattributed.

Imitation (plagiarism?) is the highest form of flattery…So I was flattered, and I also wondered (here’s where my shameless pride comes in):

If the original blogger/author’s name was CS Lewis or Donald Miller would a reference be shared then?

I see and share my fair share of quotes from theological and literary giants. Many quotes I share I first found through another’s Twitter, Facebook, or blog. Very few quotes do I actually find through personally reading the native work. So I rely largely, and maybe disingenuously, on the careful reading of others.

I’ll continue sharing those quotes too (and so should you). Because there is some redemptive value in using social media as a pithy sounding board.


For example: Some may get the misguided impression that I’m a bibliophile of books by reformed dead guys. Not at all. For the most part, I don’t like to read Puritan literature, I like to have read Puritan literature. Happening upon a penetrating internet exhortation by Spurgeon is much easier than sloshing through a run-on exposition of Hebrews by John Owen.

Because of our natural-born predisposition to performance and praise of man, we wear other’s quotes like our own spiritual badge of honor.

And when the quote is from an unknown dude with a minimal platform, giving credit is less attractive to us. If we’re not gonna score points with our tribe then what’s the point? Amirite?!

So I’m personally committed to getting better at this. There are some flat-out brilliant folk in the little blogging circle I run in who can write and wax philosophically like the second coming of Francis Schaeffer. Regular warrior-poets like

JS Park

Danny Anderson

TE Hanna

Linden Wolfe

and many more.

So share and give some love to the ordinary guys and gals who are doing the extraordinary work  of the Kingdom with no adulating masses to prop up their work. And even if your audience is One with zero traffic on the stat page, you still have a unique and gifted voice the world needs. Keep using it Beloved til it’s all used up for His glory.

Who Are The Little Known Writers/Bloggers You Would Like To Share?

Peace and grace,

Bryan Daniels

Hit Me Up On Facebook Yo!

The Chief is taking over Facebook!

Ok…we’re not really a tiny blurp on Zuckerberg’s radar…but you can help with that.

Facebook pioneer
I’m addicted to Facebook…take all the private info you want Mr. Zuckerberg…

If you’re into connecting through social media let me direct your attention to the sidebar. “Chief of The Least” just started an official Facebook page. It’s situated between the “Subscribe” menu and “Twitter” feed to your right. If you have a Facebook, I’d be honored if you “like” the page.

I still have some doubts that the helper monkeys transferred all my followers from the previous blog. Posts on .org are getting less than half the traffic they did in the previous blog.

Regardless, I appreciate the faithful readers who made the treacherous Oregon trail-esque journey with me over here. I write because I love to write. Connecting it with an audience is a bonus I don’t deserve.

Peace and grace,

and don’t forget…

Word is: Facebook is holding his soul hostage.
Word is: Facebook is holding his soul hostage.

Bryan Daniels


Why I am Switching From To

Well, my fellow WordPress peeps, that was awkward.

Turns out I’ve “misunderestimated” the maligned WordPress monkeys. A few days ago I emailed WordPress support with the hopes they could help me transfer my WordPress followers to my new self hosted site. After an extended weekend  long wait with no response and researching old help board fodder that stated it couldn’t be done, I wrote this post begging my followers to follow me once again.

A few hours after posting that heartfelt pleading a happy engineer informed me through e-mail that she had just transferred all my WordPress followers, so I should slowly back off the ledge and settle down. So there you go. Disregard my threats of never hearing from me again. You’re all accounted for and here where you belong after all.

Three WordPress monkeys hard at work
Three WordPress Monkeys hard at work

And I say: Well done WordPress, well done. And I apologize to all the WordPress monkeys whose work I doubted; I take back everything I said about you and your lack of opposable thumbs.

As my first official new post on here are the promised reasons I have for making the switch to self hosted. platforms have Sa-weet Plugins

I always hated I could never put Ref Tagger on my old site so that readers could conveniently see Scripture whenever it was referenced. Now I can type Leviticus 27:11 for no reason whatsoever and “BOOM!” there it is in all of its Levitical glory (when you hover over it). I also have downloaded an SEO plugin by Yoast that I am quite smitten with. There are plenty more to come I’ll be sharing with you. ads were….er….not always “consistent” with my site message

I remember one post I wrote that alluded to the prophetic office of Jesus that had a video ad for some hack fortune-teller attached to it. If I ever choose to monetize my blog in the future I will at least have the freedom to choose ads by companies that won’t stab my conscience in the back. If Ads are going to be on my site regardless I might as well make the money off of them. If I can make enough pocket change to pay for the hosting then I’ll be happy. Blogging is still a much cheaper hobby than golf, or hunting, or spelunking. Which leads me to… Gives Me Freedom, But Not Enough To Hurt Myself

There is still a support system attached to self hosting, yet there is also more autonomy to make your site your own baby. I’ll be tinkering with layouts, commenting features, html code….Ok, not really that last one. But I don’t have to know the ins and outs of site design because makes this so easy even a PC user like I can do it….almost…by myself.

So there you go.

I appreciate your continued following and encouragement.

Oh yeah, and whenever you get the chance: Give your friendly neighborhood helper monkey a hug for me.

Bryan Daniels

Big Blog News: “Chief of the Least” is Moving

In a month or so, “” will move to “” The name is virtually the same, but the significance is I will be going from a hosted site to a self hosted site ( My next post will cover why I’m making the switch, but for now I want to reveal my major reservation in doing this. does an excellent job of connecting fellow bloggers within the community. The WordPress reader, tag surfing, like button, and easy follow tabs are all great features. With a self hosted blog I have none of those easy mechanisms that foster an e-community. As a result I will be losing an overwhelming majority of my blog followers.

If you hit the “follow” tab to subscribe to me on this site you will no longer be “following” me at the new site. Pretty soon, that will mean no more “Chief of the Least” for you.

Tragic news I know (especially for me I assure you). Some of you I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing a few weeks…..*a single tear drop falls down my cheek*

But the solution to this is simple.

Click the link to the new site —–>( and follow by entering your email of choice and hitting the “Subscribe” button on the sidebar.

The new blog is updated and running (and very similar to this one), and I do have a few exciting bells and whistles I’ll be adding to it the next few weeks.

If at all possible, I don’t want to lose any of you guys and gals. Not because you’ll miss any blessing by re-following, but because I’ll miss out on the overwhelming encouragement and blessing you have been to me.

So in order to confirm I’m not making the worst mistake in my blogging life, won’t you just mosey on over to the new blog and subscribe so we can stay BFF?

Thanks a bunch.

Peace and grace to you and yours.

Bryan Daniels


I ain’t too proud to beg….

2012 Chief of the Least Blog Year-In-Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for “Chief of the Least.” I share this because you guys (readers, lurkers, subscribers) are the reason for this blog’s existence.  I am consistently encouraged and grateful for the cloud of e-witnesses I’ve come to know through blogging. Thanks for your involvement, may God bless your pants off (figuratively) this new year…

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 72,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Chief of Least Twitter Year-In-Review

A short journal of the year that was for me in pithy sarcastic 140-characters-or-less tweets. As you can see, I can rarely be taken seriously within the bounds of Twitterland. If you can handle the random cheese, follow me up:

Bryan Daniels

Is Punching Cats The Cure For Manboobs? The Internetz knows….

(Please don’t take any of this seriously)

People are delightfully weird.

I appreciate this.

Because deep down, so am I (as my wife can attest).

Every few months I peruse the “search terms” tab in my dashboard for the sheer enjoyment of basking in other people’s quirky internet search items. For the record, the overwhelming way most people find “Chief of the Least” using the mysterious algorithms of SEO is by looking for “awkward christmas photos.”

Supposed internet anonymity brings out the latent weirdness in folks.

As pointed out in a previous post, many people come to my neck o’ the internet through searching “Rastafarian Polygamous women.” Somehow a post I wrote on Mormonism and a separate post that mentions Rasta music got hopelessly intertwined as they traversed the high-speed internet. I’m sure some Bob Marley lovin’ stoner with a sexual addiction was displeased when he found my blog.

Here are some more recent search term gems I’ve dug up for your pleasure:

“p90x insanity manboobs”

I’ve done both “Insanity” and “P90x” workouts in past. Both regimes have their positives, but I can’t really say either combats the serious heart breaking condition of gynecomastia. The most unfortunate phrase for those suffering from this disease is: “Pool Party!” Seriously, the best anecdote is to eat healthy, stay physically active on a daily basis, and find a girl who likes you for you.

“purple haired lady in old testament”

I don’t recall ever studying a purple haired prophetess in Sunday School. Pretty sure I mentioned a notable TBN female character’s, er, “hair extensions”, during a post about an Old Testament prophet. Who knows: Joseph’s coat of many colors could very well be a foreshadowing of some modern Christian TV personality’s mane of many colors.

“cat punch”

I’m not gonna lie. I have fought the urge to punch a cat before. But I don’t think I’ve ever divulged that information to anymore. Except now. They’re so self-assured. So laid back. So bored with you. And at the same time in a feline fit of rage they may unexpectantly maul the living crap out of your ankles. No thanks.

I’m curious what gems you dug up from the dusty recesses of your dashboard? Do share.*

Bryan Daniels

*Please keep it family friendly as possible…

My Summer Sabbatical (Follow Me)

As you may have noticed, I’ve taken a sabbatical from consistent blogging. As family time, summer part time jobs and football camps have taken precedent I’ve taken an extended leave from this blog. I really don’t “feel” like taking the time to contribute any coherent consistent blog thoughts on God, family, and life in general.

Focusing my time on leading and loving my wife and two sons seems like the best choice right now.

I’ll be back in commission at some point. I don’t know when for sure. But the itch to write rarely leaves me for long.

Meanwhile, I’ll devote more free time to reading this summer rather than writing. I want to keep a steady balanced diet of fiction and nonfiction works. First up is Jared C. Wilson’s Christological examination “Your Jesus Is Too Safe.” Next, I plan to finally finish off Leif Enger’s “Peace Like a River.” I’ll see where the summer wind blows me after those (I have a slight addiction of purchasing books I never get around to reading).

I’d also be honored if you follow me on Twitter. I may not have the mental fortitude right now to daily blog, but I can manage to tweet a few daily random blurbs in 140 characters or less. Probably half of my tweets are serious theological musings, the other half trite tongue in cheek snarks about current events. Excuse my sarcasm in advance.

Thank you guys for your continued involvement and encouragement on my little corner of the blogosphere. I’ll see you around soon.

The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

Bryan Daniels

Share the Linkage-Love Saturday

I had such a good time spreading the linkage-love last week I felt a similar urge to do the same this week too. No frills, no SEO kings/queens, no platforms, just simple people with a unique and captivating voice that should be heard.

There are some truly interesting people out there. Like, literally, everyone.

Below are some fine folk who are worth your blog-perusing time:

Gary Shogren’s Blog-Gary is an American seminary professor currently teaching in Costa Rica. If you have questions about the veracity of Scripture, especially regarding New Testament studies (especially the KJV controversy : )), give him a holler. Gary is knowledgeable, polite, and more than willing to tackle the toughest biblical issues.

Original Apple Junkie-This British girl and college student in Portugal does blogging like it was originally meant to be done. She’s intensely personal, self-deprecating, and her writing is a bit like taking a sneak peek into one’s journal (look at her recent Dentist adventures). I don’t know her personally, but from blog interactions I wouldn’t be surprised if she had the spiritual gift of encouragement.

Captivated by Christ-Linden C. Wolfe has a PhD in biblical studies, but he has a very readable style and simple consistent message: Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2). Linden churns out relevant material with theological depth on a daily basis. If you like what you read then check out his published books, they would be well worth it too.

Finding Truth-Nate’s blog is about his personal journey out of Christianity and into skepticism. He has an engaging style and is open to thoughtful discussion with people from all differing viewpoints. Nate’s one of the more honest and cordial people I’ve come across in the blogosphere.

Refusing to Tiptoe– Cristal has a great gift of writing she shares through her Christ-centered family oriented blog. She has a winsome way of drawing provoking analogies through the mother-child relationship she has with her young boys. She frequently shares biblical drawings and sketches from her son’s hands that will make you smile. I love the back story to the title of her blog too.

He First Loved-This uncommon group of college aged young adults have a contagious passion for Christ and it shows effervescently in their writing.  Led by Isaac Adams, their vision: “We’re regular people saved by the anything but regular God.” Go join them in their hope to spread the 1 John 4:19 message.

Enjoy your Saturday peeps. Give a hug to somebody you love. *If you ain’t got nobody here’s a virtual (side)hug from me*

His peace and grace,

Bryan Daniels

Commenting Guidelines for CoL

Hey peeps! In the header tab above you will find a new page, titled “Commenting Guidlines.”

If you are a regular commenter on the blog or have any inclination to comment in the future please read it before commenting.

I value the free exchange of ideas as long as they are done civilly. I don’t have “moderators” on this site and I am one man with many more important things that rightfully demand my time other than this online journal of my thoughts. I’ll sometimes have to make decisions swiftly and seemingly subjectively with certain comments.

As readership grows (which I am thankful for) so will the parameters for discussion. I hope you see this as a good thing for everyone.

Above all I want you to know I value your readership and involvement.

Peace and grace,

Bryan Daniels

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