Jesus is Better Than the Superbowl?!

I came across this video last year before the Colts and Saints played in the Superbowl. It’s just awesome(ly bad). And it is not a joke; intentionally anyways. It seems the creators of this song are sincere in their attempt to point out the idolatry of football in many men’s lives. I hear that it may have even been sung at a church or thrice during Superbowl Sunday last year.

I tend to agree with the sentiment that football is an idol in American life, especially considering that college football is my drug of choice. But I have some serious reservations with this attempt at a rebuke. Though I know it wasn’t their intent, it’s hard to consistently draw comparisons with Peyton Manning and Jesus without beginning to sound superfluous and even a bit irreverent. Pairing Jesus up with a wide scope of forced football analogies in song doesn’t seem to qualify for Sunday morning praise. On top of that it’s woefully syrupy, the sound is off (I’m being generous), and it only gives credence to those who decry the quality of Christian music.

I miss the golden years when Christian music had a uniquely authentic sound and theological depth to match. I miss the days Christian music had the mind of John Calvin, the heart of Corrie Ten Boom, and the musical talent of Bach. I miss these guys:

Author: Bryan Daniels

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Jessica, and a father of three boys: Josiah, Gideon and Judah. I teach high school math as a job, read reformed theology as a hobby, and write this blog just for kicks. With the rest of my time I coach football and track.

7 thoughts on “Jesus is Better Than the Superbowl?!”

  1. Ha ha, I agree with you on the first and second video, they’re soooo baaaad, but at least they were trying.

    Thanks for the post. I pray that one day EVERYONE will see that Jesus really is better than the Superbowl.



  2. I find both of those videos immensely difficult to watch all the way through (I’ve tried with the “Jesus is my friend” video…still have yet to accomplish the seemingly impossible feat). But I also agree that the premise is sound…but it should have been a Christian comedy routine rather than an attempt at a “legitimate” song. I still laugh at them…but the laughing soon turns to boredom and awkward discomfort (hence the reason I can’t finish them). Still, I can appreciate the post!

    1. I agree Wingman! I hope it is apparent that I am being a bit tongue in cheek about the second vid. I think it is just awesomely bad, cheesy and a bit comedic as you say…

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