Our Awkward Christmas Photo Party Highlights and Unto Us A Band Is Born

If you want a quick Christmas chuckle, go to the “Awkward Daniels Family Christmas Photo” post I wrote last year. Sorry, I don’t have a hilarious story or thorough explanation for our Christmas card this year.

But I did want to share a few of my favorite photos from our “Awkward Family Photo Christmas Party” my wife and I had this past Wednesday night for our young adult group. The party was a tribute to the delightful site “Awkward Family Photos.”

Remember, the goal was to capture on camera the most awkward/tacky/zany moments we could. I think some of my friends went beyond the call of duty in that regard. I’ll let these gems speak for themselves:

Lastly, I would like to involve you, the reader, in the awkwardness of this post. My friends are starting a band and are having difficulty coming up with a name. They are going to use the following image as their album cover. With only that info in hand, please give me your suggestions on a band name. They have a folk/emo/electronic sound:

Merry Christmas and may God keep you and bless you this new year!

Bryan Daniels

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