Why I am Switching From WordPress.com To WordPress.org

Well, my fellow WordPress peeps, that was awkward.

Turns out I’ve “misunderestimated” the maligned WordPress monkeys. A few days ago I emailed WordPress support with the hopes they could help me transfer my WordPress followers to my new self hosted site. After an extended weekend  long wait with no response and researching old help board fodder that stated it couldn’t be done, I wrote this post begging my followers to follow me once again.

A few hours after posting that heartfelt pleading a happy engineer informed me through e-mail that she had just transferred all my WordPress followers, so I should slowly back off the ledge and settle down. So there you go. Disregard my threats of never hearing from me again. You’re all accounted for and here where you belong after all.

Three WordPress monkeys hard at work
Three WordPress Monkeys hard at work

And I say: Well done WordPress, well done. And I apologize to all the WordPress monkeys whose work I doubted; I take back everything I said about you and your lack of opposable thumbs.

As my first official new post on www.chiefoftheleast.com here are the promised reasons I have for making the switch to self hosted.

WordPress.org platforms have Sa-weet Plugins

I always hated I could never put Ref Tagger on my old site so that readers could conveniently see Scripture whenever it was referenced. Now I can type Leviticus 27:11 for no reason whatsoever and “BOOM!” there it is in all of its Levitical glory (when you hover over it). I also have downloaded an SEO plugin by Yoast that I am quite smitten with. There are plenty more to come I’ll be sharing with you.

WordPress.com ads were….er….not always “consistent” with my site message

I remember one post I wrote that alluded to the prophetic office of Jesus that had a video ad for some hack fortune-teller attached to it. If I ever choose to monetize my blog in the future I will at least have the freedom to choose ads by companies that won’t stab my conscience in the back. If Ads are going to be on my site regardless I might as well make the money off of them. If I can make enough pocket change to pay for the hosting then I’ll be happy. Blogging is still a much cheaper hobby than golf, or hunting, or spelunking. Which leads me to…

WordPress.org Gives Me Freedom, But Not Enough To Hurt Myself

There is still a support system attached to WordPress.org self hosting, yet there is also more autonomy to make your site your own baby. I’ll be tinkering with layouts, commenting features, html code….Ok, not really that last one. But I don’t have to know the ins and outs of site design because WordPress.org makes this so easy even a PC user like I can do it….almost…by myself.

So there you go.

I appreciate your continued following and encouragement.

Oh yeah, and whenever you get the chance: Give your friendly neighborhood helper monkey a hug for me.

Bryan Daniels

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