Why I Prefer Insanity Over P90X

This is no dig on P90X. 

I know with P90X you can get excellent results. And I am positive muscle confusion and cross training is one of the best ways to get fit. Insanity is mainly max cardio interval training.

Though I have never tried P90X, I personally know many people who have earned great results with it. I’m only a week into Insanity thus far.

But here is why I prefer Insanity over P90X:

I’m Fat

I recently weighed myself at 236 pds. I haven’t been that heavy since I was playing OL/DL during my HS football days; and unlike now, much of that was muscle. So I consider this a pre-emptive strike against love handles and man boobs, before my beautiful wife starts throwing up in her mouth when she catches a glimpse of me naked.

So I need the cardio badly. Instead of “getting ripped” I’d rather be able to run around the yard with my son without pulling a hamstring. Functional fitness is what I want. If I’m walking down the street and random flash mob pickup ultimate frisbee/touch football game breaks out I will be physically ready to dominate.

Shaun T is Not Annoying

Shaun T (Insanity) and Tony Horton (P90X) are both encouraging, intense, and informed. They both work for the Beachbody organization. But this is what separates Shaun T from Tony Horton: He is not annoying. If an intense program is going to push me to the brink of puking near every vid I don’t want to add to that the emotional anguish of a goofy drill instructor. If I am going to invite someone into my home by DVD every night his voice shouldn’t be a jack hammer to my last nerve. 

Left: Stallion Right: Dork

If I wanted to endure an entire hour of bad jokes I’d simply watch George Lopez.

Shaun T is like the cool big brother you never had, if your mom was black and your dad played middle LB for the Pittsburgh Steelers of course.

I Don’t Want My Son to Bust His Head Open

P90x calls for bands, weights, mats, pull up bars, etc. All you need for Insanity is gravity. It is not rare for my Insanity workouts to be conducted in nothing but a pair of sneakers and boxer briefs. When I want it to go away I just hit the stop button on the remote.

My son, Josiah, will even playfully attempt to join in during Insanity. I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about him cracking his head open on some dumbbells, or the frame of my door crashing down on him because of the crushing weight of my fat butt.


Insanity guarantees results in 60 days; P90X is a 90 day program. I’ve never been one for longterm goals, so the shorter the payoff the more motivated I am. Insanity workouts are also a little shorter than P90X workouts. Something this action packed and intense has to melt the fat off.

I’m Fat

Whoops, already mentioned that one.

I could probably add “I’m vain” to the list. I guess there is always that bent towards superficiality in the human nature. So I’ll add it here: I’m vain.

 Have a blessed and healthy summer!

Bryan Daniels

Three New Year’s Resolutions for the Beloved

“But we ought to give thanks to God for you, brothers beloved by the Lord, because God chose you from the beginning to be saved, through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth. To this He called you through our gospel, so that you may obtain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Thess 2:13-14)

As we take the time to reflect over the past year, and make resolutions we will inevitably break in the next, this New Year gives opportunity for us to freshly grasp old truth. To be “resolute” means to stand firm or be particularly determined about something. Instead of using our feeble resolute-ness on the shaky ground of P90x and Hollywood diets, maybe we need to stand firm on some truth that will build up our souls for an eternity.

My wife's New Year Resolution : )

The early Thessalonica church was in a dungeon of doubt concerning their salvation and the second coming of Christ.  As Paul gives this fragile church encouragement regarding their salvation, there are also are some ancient gems for us to unearth. If we are to stand firm on anything this New Year, let it be on the undying promise of God that we are loved, chosen and set apart for His glory:

  1. We are loved by the Lord Jesus. Paul calls us the “beloved” (agapao) in verse 13. Agape love is the deepest most costly love one could express, and it is given to us in the Son’s self-sacrificial life and death on the cross. In the Christian faith, we can never get past the love of Christ and on to deeper things. It is our privilege and honor to spend our time plumbing the depths of His love (Eph 3:18-20). The Son has accomplished our salvation with His wrath bearing sacrifice for our sins. This is a particular love for a particular people, His “beloved.”
  2. We are chosen by the Father. Because of grace God selected us to be saved “from the beginning” (v.13), or from foundations of the world (Eph 1:4). The Father has appointed for us to experience this love even though He knew we were undeserving and unlovable enemies to Him (Romans 5:8-10). If our destiny is in the hands of the all Loving all Powerful Creator of the universe, then any fears regarding our salvation are a foolish wasted exercise. Christ came to die for us 2000 years ago, because the Father had already chosen us in eternity past.
  3. We are set apart by the Holy Spirit. Our election has real results in real-time for us. The Holy Spirit applies the saving work of the Son and Father to our lives by making us born again (Titus 3:5-6) and giving us a new heart to love, fear, and follow after God in righteousness (Ezekiel 36:26-36). That is what “sanctification” is. It is something that has happened and is happening until we die. This “setting apart” has lasting lifestyle implications as the Holy Spirit continues to convict, encourage, illuminate and make us progressively more like Christ (Romans 8:29).  Notice, the primary result of us being set apart by the Holy Spirit is that we would have an unwavering “belief in the truth”, the word of God (v. 13).

In the light of all this, why should we never doubt our salvation?  Because the total Triune God has a vested interest in it: The Father appointed it, the Son accomplished it, and the Holy Spirit applies it to us. No wonder Paul asks rhetorically elsewhere: “Who shall bring any charge against God’s elect?” (Romans 8:33) The obvious answer is a resounding “NO ONE!”

In conclusion, I hope any newfound New Year’s resolve we may have this time of year will direct itself towards knowing this: The Father has sovereignly chosen you, Jesus has agape loved you, and the Holy Spirit is setting you apart to “obtain the glory of our Lord Jesus” (v. 14).

If we are resolute to hold these truths, this holiday season could bear fruit to eternity for our lives.

Happy New Year’s peeps!

Bryan Daniels

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