Four Parenting Haikus For Milk Dud Lovers

I took one Creative Writing class in college. Much of the class involved sitting in a circle tribunal of your peers and having your work torn apart. It was horrifying. My haikus, among other forms of writing, were “too overt”. Blogging is a much safer writing experience. I don’t have to witness the disgusting or apathetic facial expressions my work produces in my blogging peers.

But here’s my shot at haiku redemption, just for fun:

Stepped on a Milk Dud

Scraped it off and smelled it

Wasn’t a Milk Dud

The above just happened to my wife yesterday ;)


Kisses on the cheek

Holding hands at Wreck It Ralph

Mama is his girl


I am Spider Man

Gideon is Bumblebee

Dad, you be the Hulk


Spork is gripped tightly

Eyes peek at mashed potatoes

Dinner time prayer


Bryan Daniels