Five Songs I’d Be Bummed If You Never Heard

Josh Garrels-Ulysses

I hear a brooding lovesick Bridegroom in this song. And one of the most underrated singer/songwriters in America.

John Mark McMillian-Love You Swore

Singing seems like such strain to that deep raw voice of John Mark McMillian. Johnny Cash-esque if you will. With lyrics every bit as penetrating.

The Civil Wars-Poison & Wine

Marriage covenant. In a song. Other worldly beautiful.

Gregory Alan Isakov- The Stable Song

This is an adult bedtime lullaby with spellbinding lyrics. Love an old banjo too.

Head and Heart-Down In The Valley

“Wish I was a slave, to an age old trade…” Don’t know why, this song had me hooked with that opening lyric. The snazzy little harmonies probably helped too.

Hope you enjoy.


Do you have any favorite musical gems you’d be bummed if others never heard?

Bryan Daniels


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