Why I Am No Longer a Glenn Beck Fan-From A Guy Who Should Be

Glenn Beck is a cultural mover and shaker.

There is a reason his opponents have been gleefully basking in the revelation of his Fox News show’s cancellation. For major liberal pundits to claim victory over Beck’s termination proves Beck has already won the battle. Beck (or Fox) is quitting while the show’s ratings are exponentially further ahead of any competitors. If this is a victory for the leftist apologist, it is a victory like beating Usain Bolt in a footrace because he slipped on a banana peel midway. You may be able to gloat, point and laugh at the Jamaican wonderkid, but you can’t say you deserve his Nike Contract.

Still, in some strange way Beck slipped, pulled a hamstring, or threw in the towel. Or maybe Fox News just called the fight altogether before it got…weird. 

If you read carefully into the words of Fox News Chairman Roger Allies, the rub location is apparent. When asked about Beck’s conservative conspiracy lecturing mode of operation: “I think he told that story as well as could be told. Whether you can just keep telling that story or not… we’re not so sure.”

Interpretation: The chalkboard prophet schtick was wearing thin. Even conservative guest panelists were rarely invited anymore; Beck was becoming the lone ranger in his world of illuminati type conspiracy theories and prophetic utterances of impending economic doom.

This post is coming from a committed “evangelical” Christian with strong conservative leanings mingled with libertarian tendencies. I believe the tea parties are saying something legitimate, and I believe any connection they have to greedy healthcare corporations is tenuous at best.

According to mainstream media, this is coming from someone who should be a Glenn Beck fan. Instead, this is coming from a one time Beck fan. A fan of his earlier radio days where “information and entertainment” used to collide with profound levity. We all knew we were getting the “news lite” back then, with hilarious conservative commentary sprinkled in for good measure.

But something dark happened 3-4 years ago. Instead of poking lighthearted fun at liberal idiosyncracies, Beck’s tone became somber. Political opponents like George Soros were no longer just liberal hackjobs, they became to Beck, manifestly evil.

Instead of enjoying what he was saying politically, I began worrying about what he was saying theologically.

I don’t claim to know the psyche of the man. He sincerely believes himself to be a “Paul Revere” type forerunner, sounding an alarm of danger to the unsuspecting masses. And many of his suspicions are probably not without warrant. But to spend one’s life chasing through the rabbit holes of a New World Order conspiracy must be mentally taxing, and apparently all-consuming.

I’m not kicking Beck while he is down, in reality, this was an amicable departure for us 2-3 years ago…around the time Beck started claiming the Constitution to be divinely inspired while coronating himself as an ecumenical politically driven modern leader of a new “Great Awakening.” This was around the time for me it got…strange.

Somewhere along the line, Beck lost what got him the Fox platform. There are only so many times one can scream “Fire!” in a crowded room of jealous pundits before one of them begins the charge of “Chicken Little.” Apart from Tea Party ties, Beck had isolated himself as the sole bearer of the bad news. The lonely voice crying out in the wilderness for America to return to her Constitutional roots. The prophetic voice for those with an ear to hear.

This is all too much responsibility for one mere man to bear.

Let this saga be a fair warning to the left and right.

Beck’s story is a tumultuous tale of a stars rise to astronomical heights. The higher the trajectory the more spectacular the media fizzle on the way down. Whether it’s Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann, or Tiger Woods, the lesson is the same: No man can stand for long under the weight of human adulation.

Either we stay grounded, or we crash and burn when we hit the ground.

For the sake of Glenn Beck I hope it is a safe landing.

Bryan Daniels

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