Countdown to College Football Kickoff: Lee Corso Is My Homeboy

Whether you’re a FSU fan or not, if the above vid doesn’t get your blood simmering for college football season then your testosterone levels are dangerously low. I don’t have an overly obsessive personality (compared to hoarders), but when college football comes around every fall my wife will attest to my meticulous devotion to the garnet & gold. I’ll just say I’m glad my sons were born in the Spring so we didn’t run into any game viewing issues during delivery.

If I had fathered a kid in the dynasty era (1987-200) I probably would have named him/her “Bobby” regardless of sex. I could make an open and shut case that Ron Simmons is the greatest college football defensive lineman AND professional wrestler you’ve never heard of.

The Great Faarooq aka Ron Simmons

I’m expecting FSU to have the best year it has had since the inception of the lost decade (where Jeff Bowden was given the reigns to OC in 2001). I do think one big game loss is on the slate for the Noles. Probably against OU at Doak in week 3. If Greg Reid learns he has arms for tackling and the Noles squeak by OU, I predict they will lose to Clemson the very next week in Death Valley. I don’t know why FSU allowed the ACC to schedule its two toughest games back to back like that. Regardless, FSU will probably meet Virginia Tech in another ACC Championship match up, which I believe they will win on the backs of an improved defense under Mark Stoops and a strong healthy Cam Newton clone (minus the laptop and wads of cash) named EJ Manuel.

I’m expecting solid but unspectacular seasons from FSU’s rivals, UM and UF. Both teams are chock-full of talent, but both teams are breaking in new coaching staffs and systems. Such processes take more than a year to gain championship results (see Saban at Alabama).

According to EA Sports FSU will meet Louisville in the Orange Bowl and win by a comfortable two touchdown margin.

Saturday in the fall is the only day I don’t have anything overtly school or football related to personally attend to, so I am grateful for my wife’s forbearance with my limited time during the fall, especially with a sport she doesn’t particularly care for.

So the countdown is on my fellow football fiends, and in no time we will be relishing the hilarious senile rantings of FSU grad and true American hero, Lee Corso. Obnoxious headdresses were never met with such early morning drunken frat boy jubilation. Little know fact: During his FSU football career, Lee Corso had an equally awesome teammate and friend by the name of Mr. Burt Reynolds. Just two more great reasons to be a diehard FSU fan.

But remember, when you’re digging out chicken wing skin from your belly button and you can’t explain why you’re being drawn to an uninspiring midnight West Coast game starring UNLV and Washington State: “We’re prepared for this. We’re tough enough for this. We deserve this!”

Bryan Daniels

The Cult of Cam Newton-We Are All Witnesses

We are all witnesses.

At least that is what the Nike marketers for Lebron James want us to believe.  King James has been tailor-made to be the sole heir of the mantle left by Air Jordan and those wishing to be “like Mike.” And with the fervor of a religious crusade, slickly crafted ad campaigns continue to force feed us hero-worship as a viable cure for the longings of our souls.

There is something deep within us, that yearns to admire, anoint, and adulate something or someone. This cult of personality is manifested most in the cases of sports and music.

Look no further than Heisman winner Cam Newton. His astronomical rise to the top of college football folklore is what legends are made of. Here is an amazing observation of this recent heroic cultural icon: The media is already saying Cam Newton is better than Tim Tebow. Would anyone have thought, after the recent media slobberfest over college football’s über darling (Tebow*), that a star would rise so soon that surpasses Tebow’s fame in displays of worship, fanaticism and hyperbole? Nostradamus couldn’t have called that one.

Let’s put it in perspective: These are twenty year old kids who happen to have been dealt a generous genetic hand that includes strength, size, and speed; they haven’t cured cancer, they haven’t solved world hunger, and none have been honored with a Nobel Peace prize (as if that meant anything anymore). They’re kids who play Call of Duty, drink beer (probably) and try to hit on frat girls. Yet the games they play in are a multibillion dollar business that thousands of men with families drink, fight, gamble and cry over.

I happen to be one of those men. And before you ask the answer is Yes, of course I’m jealous of guys like Newton and Tebow.

The cult of celebrity on the music side is even more illogical and silly. Just look at Michael Jackson’s recent funeral spectacle. People wept, worshiped, wailed, and fainted over the King of pop’s passing. After death, his life was so romanticized it had a hint of greek mythological flavor to it; only the denominational adherents of John Lennon and Jim Morrison are so obnoxious in their martyr like verbosity.

Of course, you can witness this at any run of the mill Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber concert. Thousands of young girls and their mom’s are whipped up into a fever pitch frenzy as they idolize and fawn over boys who can’t even serve in the military yet.

Grown men, little girls, it’s all the same. One thing is undeniably crystal clear about these strange displays: We all were made to worship. (Ecc 3:11)

The question isn’t whether we worship anything; the question is what or who are we worshiping right now?

Instead of big sweaty men in tights, or narcissistic little boys in skinny jeans, our worship should be reserved for the only one it is due: Jesus Christ.

If any man possesses any attractive or praise worthy attribute it comes from Christ (Colossians 1:16). If any man can exalt in anything, it must be Christ (Galatians 6:14). All the awards, crowds and media campaigns will mean nothing in 1000 years. Rome, the once crowning achievement of mankind, is a pile of rubble and tourist traps. 

If we were to be awestruck over anything it should be at how much God loves us in spite of our propensity to chase after such idols (Romans 5:8-12)

If we  are to weep, fall and even faint, the foot of the cross would be a perfect place to do so (Revelation 1:17). After all, that will be our posture for an eternity before the majestic throne of God.

Real heroes don’t play fleeting little games or sing silly little pop songs; the real Hero died on the cross for our sins and won an eternal victory for us through his resurrection. If we are to be struck with anything, let’s be awe-struck with a vision of the “glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” (2 Cor. 4:4,6). With that shockingly good news let’s say with tearful amazement, “We are all witnesses.” (Acts 1:8)

* I’m not a bitter FSU fan….promise…

Bryan Daniels

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