You Can Lead a Ninth Grader To Math Class But…

{Almost verbatim}

Teacher: “Guys, I can only give you so many opportunities to succeed, but you have to reach out and take them. You know what they say, ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t…'”

Teenager: “…Drown it?”

Teacher: “Exactly. But actually, you can drown it.”

Teenager: “Really?”

Teacher: “Sure, I’ve done it before”

Teenager: “Really?! Why?”

Teacher: “It made me mad”

Teenager: “What did it do to you?”

Teacher: “It was easier to do than you think”

Teenager: “What?!”

Teacher: “It was one of those little mini horses about this high”

Teenager: “Awww, why did you drown it?!”

Teacher: “It was ticking me off”

Teenager: “What? What did it do to you?!”

Teacher: “It was just too cute, it was starting to make me mad”

Teenager: “Are you being serious?!”

Teacher: “No….I’m definitely not being serious right now….disregard everything I’ve said in this conversation immediately. Back to the analogy, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t…”

Teenager:  “Make it swim?”


Bryan Daniels

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