Christianity Absolutely Is A Crutch For The Weak

Christianity is a crutch for the weak.



Thank God.

With a pinched nerve ravaging the muscles in my right buttocks the past month I’ve been walking with a sizable limp. You know, the kind that makes you walk like a zombie with a gangsta lean. I haven’t thought of crutches to ease the pain but I have thought pretty hard about snatching one of those hoverounds whenever I find myself at Walmart. I didn’t want to garner any dirty looks from the old or obese people I’d have to take it from though. But I’m sure people with maimed or broken legs appreciate the support of crutches.

Have you ever went up to an injured individual and declared smugly: “Crutches are for people who can’t walk on their own!”

“Um OK, your point?”funny crutch

Jesus is for people who can’t walk on their own.

Christianity absolutely is for the weak, diseased, emotionally distraught, broken, and depressed of the children of men. The bottom of the barrel is the cream that rises to the top in God’s upside down Kingdom.

As Jesus said (my paraphrase): “I came for the sick, not those who suppose they’re well.” Jesus came for the embittered Lieutenant Dans, the paraplegics who can’t even go to the bathroom without being humbled by the help of others.

The nervous social introvert who can’t even go to the bank without praying they don’t see anyone they know.

For the foolish.

For the poor.

For the unpopular.

For the weak. Especially the weak. (1 Corinthians 1:26-31)

If the statue of Liberty will take them how much more will the perfect Father in Heaven open His strong arms for them? His own dear Son limped up to Calvary to show His compassion for the limpers. He rose from the grave to show they wouldn’t limp forever.

If Christianity is a crutch for the weak I say this: Lean hard into this crutch called Christ, and I promise, you will find Him much more than just a crutch.

Bryan Daniels

Author: Bryan Daniels

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Jessica, and a father of three boys: Josiah, Gideon and Judah. I teach high school math as a job, read reformed theology as a hobby, and write this blog just for kicks. With the rest of my time I coach football and track.

33 thoughts on “Christianity Absolutely Is A Crutch For The Weak”

  1. WOW! That’s a ten-four on the hoverround at Walmart. I had a pinched nerve in my lower back last summer and I unashamedly used a motorized ride every time I went. I didn’t take one away from anyone, but if one wasn’t available, sometimes I waited.I have to admit I have always, until I read this, considered the “‘crutch” comparison as a negative. Thank you for putting it in an all new light for me. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless.

      1. I can definitely empathize. Will be praying. Keep me posted. What are you doing for it? All I could do was rest and not move around. Hard to do for an A+ type personality.

          1. I’m glad you’re doing better. I just had to let it run it’s course and heal by itself. It seemed to take forever. It did take about four months. A friend who visited me in the hospital said, “There ain’t nothing good about getting old.” I agree. :>)

  2. Yes, Jesus is a crutch for the weak. He has been my crutch many, many times. However, there is one BIG difference. The crutch can’t change the person. Jesus can and does! He changes from the inside out and makes a new person.

    What an incredibly amazing God!

  3. Wow Bryan! I can’t remembe which philosopher that said “Religion is the opiut of the masses.” But I think that he or another said the same thing about Religion being for the emotionally weak. I would always beg to differ because with Religion comes order, but it also comes at a price. With religion, comes a way to live that is, many times, contradictory to our own very nature. Take the 10 commandments for example. Our human nature would have us break all of those as many times as possible. Why not steal? Why not cheat? We are selfish people who want to gratify our own needs as much as possible. So I would argue that anti-theists or atheism could just as easily be called the “opiut of the masses” or it is for the emotionally weak because you can do whatever you want without consequence. Just my toughts. It takes discipline to follow a creator and His rules. Now I’m obviously not advocating a works based salvation….but “If you love me you will obey my commandments”. It’s hard to obey when it goes against our nature. Every human being wither theist or anti-theist has a crutch. EVERY ONE OF US! It’s a lame argument against Christianity or any religion, in my opinion.

    1. I agree mostly Stu. It’s definitely a lame argument, for everyone’s weak for sure. Christianity is for those who know it without a doubt.Karl Marx said the “Opiate” quote there. It certainly takes discipline, and it is the discipline of a “humble and contrite” (weak) heart that He seeks so His grace is all the more revealed.

  4. I remember when a friend from the past dumped me because ” Jesus is a crutch for you like all those other Jesus freaks.” Broke my heart for HER. Thrilled mine that my crutch showed 😉

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