DOOMSDAY MAYAN PROPHECY!!! and the real end of all things…

This past couple weeks in my Geography class have coincided with a section on Latin America. It’s been pertinent to the students, especially since we’ve been able to naturally bring up the ancient Mayan civilization and their doomsday calendar prophecy (supposedly this Friday, December 21st)

I’ve even heard some students mention their parents aren’t making them go to school that day (probably out of fear of Americans not Mayans).

Obviously, I don’t believe such ridiculous claims. Plenty of scholars have given reason to believe the Mayans actually thought their calendar would reset for another few thousand years cycle instead of ending abruptly. People of actual Mayan/Indian ancestry believe Dec 21st is a cause for celebration not doom.

Over-educated old white dudes from America are the ones who artificially drummed up this wacky prediction.

Regardless, people have a natural fascination with eschatology, whether it be through the book of Revelation, Nostradamus, alien/zombie apocalypse, Mayans, or some great climate change holocaust. Even most hardened skeptics believe the earth isn’t going to keep peacefully revolving as is for an indefinite period of time.

The Mayans were advanced in many ways as their art, architecture and complex writing system displays. But there is no reason to believe their prophetic skill is any better than Harold Camping’s fuzzy mathematical end time calculations. Three reasons why this modern Mayan cultural phenomenon is just dumb:

1. They never saw the Spanish Conquistadors coming. Or, even more devastatingly, they never saw the small pox the Spanish brought with them on the boat, which wiped out over 90% of the Mayans in just a few years. They couldn’t see the soon end of the their own civilization but they could see the future end of all the world civilizations? Yeah…

2. Human sacrifice was the norm. Whether to appease the corn god or to dedicate a newly built temple, archaeology has recently dug up 1 and 2-year-old sacrifice victims from Mayan ruins. A culture that legalistically murders its own in droves (some estimates 50,000 a year) doesn’t really seem to be a culture worth obsessing over now. Whatever cataclysmic tragedy the end of the world brings it can’t be much worse than sacrificing your own children.

3. Most importantly: The Mayans absolutely can’t know the exact date of the end of all things. Jesus, the perfect only Son of God, didn’t even know the specific date for the end of all things (Matt 24:36). Only the Father does. Yet people believe God would reveal these deep secrets to a culture of child murderers? What the Son doesn’t know no one else can know. Not Camping, not Nostradamus, not Jehovah Witnesses, not me, not you.

Yet with the most recent Sandy Hook news still fresh in our collective psyche we should be eagerly anticipating a better eternal city with lasting foundations, whose builder and maker is God (Hebrews 11:10). A city where a righteous King will reign with perfect love and justice (Revelation 21).

It really won’t be the end of anything, but rather a great unimaginable Beginning of truer lasting things.

Every last tear wiped.

Every last wrong righted.

I don’t believe it’s coming December 21st, but it’s one day closer than it was yesterday.

Thank God.

Bryan Daniels

Author: Bryan Daniels

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Jessica, and a father of three boys: Josiah, Gideon and Judah. I teach high school math as a job, read reformed theology as a hobby, and write this blog just for kicks. With the rest of my time I coach football and track.

26 thoughts on “DOOMSDAY MAYAN PROPHECY!!! and the real end of all things…”

  1. The Mayans didn’t have anything on God! Good post! And Jesus already told us, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matt. 6:34). I’m sticking with that!!! 😉 ~Sara

  2. But can’t your second point also apply to Christianity? God sacrificed his own son, commanded Abraham to sacrifice his, and is prepared to sacrifice a huge portion of his “earthly children” in Hell one day. Not to mention tragedies such as Sandy Hook, or the 10 girls that died in Afghanistan on Monday… sacrifices that he could have stopped.

    We’re able to see the Mayan prediction (if that’s even what it was) as superstition, but we often have a difficult time applying the same logic to our own traditions.

    1. No. Christianity is almost the polar opposite. God sacrificed his own Son so Abraham (whole situation was a type of Christ), Mayans, and anyone elso wouldn’t have to resort to a sacrificial system for salvation. His blood was spilt “once and for all” so no more blood had to be.God also punishes the Amalekites for their Mayan like ritual child sacrifice so personally I reject your attempt at equivocation.

      Not sure why you invoke Sandy Hook or Afghanistan but God didn’t take up a gun in any of those cases. Evil man did. We don’t give Him one word of thanks for days, weeks, months, and years of peace and safety we’ve enjoyed but the one time a tragedy strikes He becomes our whipping boy? No.

      First time I’ve heard hell equated to child sacrifice. But rest assured none of God’s children will ever go there since Christ tasted that hell on their behalf.

      1. If God is the creator of everyone, doesn’t that make him our “father”? When Paul talks to the non-Christians in Athens (Acts 17), he says this:

        “Therefore since we are God’s offspring, we should not think…

        And Christianity (at least most versions) teach that many of us will be sent to Hell for eternity — a fate worse than death. So I don’t think it’s a leap to equate Hell and child sacrifice.

        Sandy Hook and Afghanistan are just examples of the kinds of evil that God could prevent if he wanted to. I’m certain every person reading this blog would have stopped the gunman on Friday if we had been able, whether it interfered with his free will or not. Just makes you wonder why God doesn’t.

        And even if God sacrificed Jesus as an ultimate sacrifice that would end all the others, why was that necessary at all? Why did he have to sacrifice his own son to appease his own wrath?

        My only point is that most traditions you aren’t raised in sound crazy. There are plenty of issues with Christianity that should probably make us raise our eyebrows more than we do, but we overlook them because they’re familiar to us.

        1. “Offspring” is a word Paul is using because he’s quoting Athenian poets of the day to reach that specific culture. It’s not a word that intimates the personal adoption and Fatherhood of those in Christ.

          I believe God has stopped many Gunman, Dictators, Psychos and the like numerous times. With how wicked man is I’m not surprised a despot like Hitler at one time killed millions, I am surprised there haven’t been millions more Hitlers through history. We wonder why bad happens, yet we are never amazed at the bewildering prospect that good happens to us all the time. If not for the constraining grace of God their would a mass shooting every single day in our schools…

          Because treason against a perfect God demanded perfect satisfaction of His justice, Christ was the only one who could pay it. Our greatest human longings for justice and love are satisfied at this cross.

          What else would I say: There is no real justice for Hitler in this life or the next. There is no real spiritual comfort for Sandy hook survivors in this life or the next. This emotion they feel is only synapses in the brain that a random process has given them. They have no hope of seeing their deceased loved ones in this life or the next.

          Eyebrow raising shouldn’t only be reserved for those in the Christian stream.

        2. @Nate. How do you know that God (if you believe there is a God) did not want to stop the Newtown masacre?

          The problem with MORAL RELATIVISM is that one is tempted to treat situations like this very subjectively. Why only ask about Sandy Hook and Afghanistan? Why not also mention the massacre that happens on a daily basis in Planned Parenthood?

          Because those who subscribe to this philosophy about morality assign their own parameters of good and evil.

          I believe a better question is why is there so much violence and depravity in the human soul?

          A closer look at this question led me personally to understand the fallen human nature and the need for a Savior who came and fulfilled hundreds of prophecies form the Old Testament in His life, death and resurrection. It is astonishing to see how low the mathematical probability is of all these prophecies coming true in the person of Jesus. That is the miracle! That is how we Christians conclude that what He taught was fundamental truth.

          1. Hi DiT,

            I think if God had wanted to stop the Newtown massacre, then he would have — if he’s omnipotent and the epitome of love.

            The abortion question is a good one. Why does God allow such things? And sure, why is there such depravity and violence in the human soul? Why did God make us that way?

            Jesus did not actually fulfill Old Testament prophecies, by the way. If you look into them more closely, you’ll find that most of the ones given in the OT are vague enough to apply to many things, and many of the ones in the NT are fabricated. You can Google it if you’d like references, or you can just compare the prophecy fulfillments as described in the NT with the prophecies as given in the OT. It’s surprising how often the NT writers (especially Matthew) misrepresented their source material.

            I don’t believe in God, especially the Christian one. And that’s for a number of reasons. The many problems in the Bible, the irrationality of Hell, and the problem are evil are the major ones.

            Thanks for the discussion. And I’ll try not to comment much further; I don’t want to hijack Bryan’s thread and get off topic.

          2. @Nate & @Delight in Truth: You both raised questions regarding any human’s potential to carry out murder. One wonders why God allows it and the other why is there so much violence and depravity in the human soul. The core issue that unlocks the answer to both questions is SIN.
            Untreated sin in any human results in behaviors including 1, any or ALL of the following: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, MURDERS, drunkenness, revellings and so on…..(Galatians 5:19-21)
            The only Godly treatment for sin known to mankind at this time in the Earth’s existence is Calvary. Jesus had to take on the SIN of the ENTIRE WORLD at the Cross, once and for all. He was the ONLY SACRIFICE ACCEPTABLE BECAUSE OF HIS DEITY – HE WAS SINLESS!
            Human wisdom continues to try to compartmentalize God’s provision for mankind through His son. In times like these, either you accept the Gospel and be in the solution or deny the Gospel and continue to perpetuate the problem and all its earthly fallout.
            Thanks “Chief” for keeping us on course with truth. 🙂

            1. This isn’t something we’re going to agree on. Sin is just another term for human failing, and I don’t believe it’s anything that has to be washed away. It’s simply our actions, and we can choose to perform good actions or bad ones. And it’s not as though all Christians are part of the solution and all non-Christians are part of the problem. There are moral and immoral people on both sides.

              1. Last thing I’ll add Nate (I do respect your level headed dialogue). I agree with the last half of your sentiments. In general, I would say many who call themselves Christians are indeed part of the problem. There is also no doubt in my mind most atheists (and people in general) do their best to love their family, work hard, be good citizens, etc. I guess where we diverge is that no one, even the best person, reaches the perfection required of God and even our own conscience. That is where Christ must step in..

              2. Thank you for your response Nate. I do respect your position as you have stated it my friend. Please accept my invitation to I Corinthians 1 & 2 for your careful review. If you are at all interested in considering what God’s Word offers us regarding human wisdom i.e. our ability to choose and our NEED for the Spirit for understanding right and wrong. I pray that your view on sin will also find additional enlightenment as you continue to work out your need for Calvary as we all must do at some point either in life or death. You decide! 🙂

  3. Completely, enjoyed your post and replies.

    As of late, I can’t help but wonder why there is not and outcry for the evil atrocities that have happened everyday in this country since Sandy Hook where nearly 3300 unborn children have been murdered out of convenience through abortion (source: Johnson Archive – 1.2+ million from 2008 reported abortions)? Based on this, one week after Sandy Hook, over 23,000 children never got to see the light of day, take their first breath, or even enjoy being touched by someone who cares.

    As a culture and society, are we really that different from the Myan culture or any other historical culture that has deemed innocence as a means of appeasement? So, how can we expect God to bless our nation or protect our children when we have all but cast Him out of our culture and legally slaughter innocence daily?

    I am in no way being un-sympathetic or callous toward any one who is suffering from the tragic and evil events that took place there at Sandy Hook. It’s just my observation that we tolerate evil more when it is a matter of convenience or choice than we do with events like Sandy Hook, China, Afghanistan, Germany, Rwanda, Columbine, and other places like these when a face is there to remind us.

    1. Thanks and I tend to agree with you Stephen. I haven’t mentioned it, but we are very selective with our outcry. The murder of a six year old is certainly a mindless tragedy, but we have blinders on at the countless deaths of those babies in the womb.

      We’re really not that much different from the Mayans and I shudder at what the blood of 50 million babies sounds like to God…

  4. It’s ironic because I live in el salvador, a country that has soon deep Mayan roots, even my husband is a mix of Mayan and Spanish, yet I really don’t hear anything about this while Mayan calendar here. I feel like it’s something that Americans just make a big deal like y2k! I agree that of Jesus doesn’t even know the day or the hour, why would the ancient mayans? If anything I think you are right, it’s just a reminder that judgment day will come, and whenever it is, we need to be ready!

  5. I think they just ran out of storage room for their calendars and figured they would make more after a few thousand years had gone by. It is a bunch of hooey. See y’all Saturday!

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