Blood That Speaks: One Reason I’m Voting For Mitt Romney

I promise you, I am rarely politically driven in my blog writing. I would much rather write about theology, or my sons, or Steven Seagal’s peculiar running style.

But with my post, “Can’t Pray For A Secularist and Can’t Vote For a Mormon?” came some penetrating comments and questions, all of them valid. Let me say I can’t answer all of them, but yesterday I found a solid post that answers many of them, especially the “lesser of two evils” objection:

Kevin DeYoung says what I would say, particularly why we should vote even when the choices between the leading two candidates aren’t optimal. He does it in a much more winsome and concise manner than I could muster up. No matter where you end up on the political spectrum, I suggest taking five minutes and reading it.

I would say my view in this election, is inherently functional. I’m not in love with a system that consistently rewards only two parties. America is the most diverse country in the world and a limited two party system can never do justice to that. There is a lot to like about the Libertarian/Constitutional Party platform. If I lived in Tennessee or Texas I might cast my ballot in favor of a third party candidate. In some states, unfortunately, the electoral outcome is virtually set in stone no matter who you vote for (IE California).

But I live in one of those dreaded “battle ground” states (Florida) that could swing for either party at a whim’s notice these next two weeks.  Even with the realistic choices being two flawed men, I say the stakes are high for this election year.

At the risk of sounding parochial and shallow let me give one example that is nearest/dearest to my heart.


If you would like to know my personal my rationale for being doggedly pro-life read this: “1.2 million Caycee Anthony’s Die In America Each Year”

In one candidate we have a staunch defender of pro-abortion policies, even funding abortions overseas with our taxpayer money. In another candidate, we have a pro-life policy maker who promises to defund Planned Parenthood and rescind Obama’s Mexico City campaign.

Now, the issue with abortion (specifically the Roe V. Wade ruling) is not so much what the President can or can’t do, but what the Supreme Court can or can’t do. A president, over the course of his term(s) will likely get a chance to appoint at least one Supreme Court Justice. And unlike our Executive and Legislative branches, these are LIFETIME appointments.

Right now, the court is split 4-4 between conservative and liberal ideologies with Justice Anthony Kennedy being the wildcard swing vote. A total of four Justices are 74 years or older, the oldest being Ginsburg at 79. Depending on retirement and health issues, it would be feasible that the next president will appoint two new Supreme Court Justices in the next four year term.


My personal documented mancrush, John Piper, is not running for president. And, realistically speaking, Gary Johnson or Ron Paul or whatever write in choice will not be the one appointing the next Supreme Court candidate either. The two men who will be charged with swinging the court’s ruling on Roe V. Wade for or against the unborn will be Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Some may say Romney is being disingenuous about his recent pro-life claims given his past political history. If true, then God will judge Mitt Romney for that accordingly. I can only make the best voting decision based on the available information I have right now.

Two men who will either stem the tide or let the floodgates of infanticide continue in this nation.

There have been over 50 million infant lives lost since the 1973 Roe V. Wade ruling.

That’s almost 1.3 Million of our precious American children aborted per year year.

The legal death of over 3,500 “fearfully and wonderfully” divinely made souls per day (Psalms 139).

150 per hour.

10 babies gone in the time it takes to read this post.

This is not to guilt trip or constrain any other person to my view. This is giving context as to where I’m coming from. The most relevant question for me maybe this:

Which candidate, between the two flawed choices we have, will functionally serve to protect innocent human life in the womb when the legal opportunity presents itself?

I do care about the economy, foreign policy, healthcare, education reform (I’m a teacher!), etc. etc. etc.

But we can’t keep sweeping the blood of 50 million under the rug of our collective psyche. If God could hear the innocent blood of one Abel crying out from the ground, the blood found on modern American ground must be mind numbingly piercing to Him (Genesis 4:10).

Maybe my vote this year will be a tiny lever that helps tip the scale of public policy in favor of our lost little ones.

Maybe it won’t.

Either way, I’ll long and pray for the one true King to come quickly, who will certainly judge, lead, and love righteously like no man can. In the end, He will make a Barack Obama or Mitt Romney presidency serve His ultimate purposes, whether they consent to it or not.

As always, may the blood of Jesus speak better things on our behalf. (Hebrews 12:24)

Bryan Daniels

PS If you vehemently disagree with me, I hope we can still be friends!

Author: Bryan Daniels

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Jessica, and a father of three boys: Josiah, Gideon and Judah. I teach high school math as a job, read reformed theology as a hobby, and write this blog just for kicks. With the rest of my time I coach football and track.

31 thoughts on “Blood That Speaks: One Reason I’m Voting For Mitt Romney”

  1. Sadly, the only thing I would like about Romney’s justices would be their stance on abortion. The “pro-life” justices of the supreme court consistently make the worst decisions on other aspects of policy (Citizens United the most recent example…). Romney has pushed too many wars and other anti-life things for me to vote for him in good conscience. Then again, I’m one of those rare progressives that believe life begins at conception and should be protected, so I do often feel out of place voting Democratic (not to mention the fact that Obama isn’t exactly opposed to war). However, I also believe in good sex education, free contraception and other measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies, something I find consistently opposed by the GOP and pro-life movement. I agree that the US population deserves more than two parties — I like the Greens AND the Libertarians. Good luck figuring out why 🙂

  2. excellent post! I am voting for life! I too think that the two-party system as long been out grown. It has caused the election process to be more of a childish game rather than an individual platform born out of a cadidates heart for the country. There are two agenda’s and no leadway inbetween. If those are my only choices, I vote for life. Obama has even been for the late-term abortions and even said that he would leave it up to the mothers when it came to partial birth abotions. To me, that says a lot about a man. It shows that he has no back bone. No concience. It says that he is only looking out for the lobbyists. I believe that we have a duty as Christians to vote for the person whose agenda is the closest to God’s principles. Then whoever wins, needs our prayers and our support when we can Romans 13.

  3. Great post. I voting Romney too. He is the only clear choice, based on his views of life and same sex abomination. Without voting for Obama by voting for a third party candidate.

  4. I totally agree, it’s a terrible thing how many babies are being murdered ever single day. Hopefully Mitt will win, and steps will be taken to save these lives!

  5. I am consistently pleased with the thoughtful tone of your blog. Although I am unable to vote given the fact that we only possess landed immigrant status, I would probably be inclined more toward Obama. However, as an adult adoptee who has actually met his birth Mother, I am pro-life in all wombish matters (obviously). Hence, voting has never been an easy thing (we’re from Canada originally). Our consciences should bother us whomever we vote for. Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Thanks Robert! One thing that must happen if RoeVWade were repealed is that a revival of adoption must hit the church first (where it should) when unwanted children flood agencies/fostercare. We better be ready to put hands and feet to our pro life theology. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you Bryan for your candid, open and honest reasons to vote for Romney.
    Your closing remark is where I stand… no matter who gets into office, OUR KING.. the Kings of Kings will use that man to whatever means He, in His omnipotence chooses. I continue to pray for our Lord’s return as you…
    I do not agree with you… but love you in Christ as my brother!

    1. Thanks for your gracious words Stephanie! Hope you got my reply on the last blog post, didn’t want you to take offense (in my response to weakling) Peace and grace to you sister!

  7. I agree with you abortion is an abomination. I’m not a US citizen so I am not voting. However, the Republican approach to the poor and vulnerable is also appalling. In Calvin’s Geneva he said that if we make a law to stop begging we also have to be socially responsible so that we can support those people. Apart from the abortion issue I see very little grace and mercy in the Republican camp.

    1. I don’t see much grace in mercy in any political camp. I definitely agree with the thrust of your point: when and if abortion becomes illegal, a revival of adoption must hit the house of God first.

      1. I suppose my other thought is that the Republicans are very pro -rich. I know there is inequality in my own country but this seems greatly magnified in the US. In 2003 the third world class poverty I saw in Louisiana struck me – and this was the richest country on earth!

        1. Louisiana and Mississippi in particular are some of the poorest states in America. They also are some of the worst educated (which would fall on the policies of the state govt) states too. What is even stranger is how many of those “third world” American slum dwellers somehow have cell phones, cable TV, internet, newer cars etc. America is the only country in the world where the poorest are also the most obese. I would say there are different cultural issues at play here more than governmental issues.

          There are some interesting dynamics at work in the American public. While liberals overwhelmingly support more government financed welfare, conservatives overwhelmingly give more of their personal income to charities, rescue missions etc..

          1. Not that I agree with the morality and values of Northern European countries, but I did find that their balance between the individual and social responsibility was well tuned.

  8. Brother, as always an interesting, curent, relevant, and very readable blog. Bravo! As far as the topic, I must say we are similar in this area.

  9. Bryan, what a blessing that the first post of yours I read when I returned to WordPress happened to be this one. My husband and I, conservative pro-lifers both, have been agonizing over our votes this year; honestly, we like Virgil Goode, but our state of Virginia is also in play, and we cannot, in good conscience, vote third party this year. Thank you for so eloquently stating what we have been thinking. Peace be with you, and may He welcome you joyouslywhen He comes! — Kelly (dailymomprayers)

  10. Great post bro! I find it interesting that when someone argues a specific point based on substance that it has to be countered with the old diversion trick. It is also interesting that there are those that long for “social justice” but do not apply the same passion to the unborn. Seems rather hypocritical to say that you want poor people to eat and kill the unborn, in the same breath. I am not a single issue voter and I believe it is important to be informed but for Christians, this issue should be front and center. I will go as far to say that I won’t vote Democrat. Perhaps in a local race…but that’s it! My decision is not based on some kind of bias but rather on how they vote on issues.
    Peace bro!

  11. I realize I left a flippant comment to a very serious subject regarding abortion. I want to explain myself so we don’t get into a family feud tomorrow at the dinner table. 😉 I understand why you would be so passionate about voting for Mitt Romney since he says he’s pro-life. I am sickened by the thought of abortion. This is murder in the first degree and there isn’t enough people standing up for these innocent lives. I get it. Trust me! During this election for the first time in my life, I’m choosing not to vote because I’m 100% viewing my decision through the lens of scripture. Mitt Romney is a Mormon. He believes he will be a god (maybe he already does) one day and if he were ever given the chance he would deny my Jesus. I could stop right there because I will never put in office someone that would deny my Saviour. I’m reminded in the Bible from 2Thes.2:11 where it says “And for this cause God should send them a strong delusion that they should believe a lie.” I don’t think that voting for Romney is what Paul is referring to in this scripture. But I believe it could be the start of something. My fear is that this could eventually usher in a false gospel if people are so open to Mormonism What are we saying to unbelievers when we are so passionate about voting in a Mormon? Again,I’m viewing this through the lens of scripture. Anyway, I got it out there, so lets have us a good lunch at Mom’s tomorrow!

    1. We’ll have a good lunch regardless of political leanings! I’m viewing my vote as a practical way to uphold what Scripture says about protecting innocent life/blood. We’re both viewing our choice to vote/not vote through the “lens” of Scripture. The intepretation of what our particular lens stresses is what is different.

      What are we saying to unbelievers if we choose not to protect innocent babies from “first degree murder” with one simple vote?

      Love ya!

  12. Do you really think Romney is going to overturn Roe v Wade? Abortion needs to be dealt with but it’s not going to come from a Mormon whose wife supported Planned Parenthood in the past.

    1. Romney can’t overturn Roe V Wade, but the Supreme Court Justices he appoints can.

      Anne gave one $150 donation eighteen years ago back when even Romney considered himself pro-choice? Such a huge supporter of PP she was. I guess people aren’t allowed to change their positions on issues.

  13. I guess I am still of the belief that you can’t legislate morality. As much as I abhor abortion and the murdering of millions of innocent lives, I truly do not believe that overturning Roe V. Wade is the answer to this dilemma.

    Besides having the church rise up to adopt, how about we begin by preaching radical grace? I cannot tell you how many Elders I have heard about secretly taken their daughters to an abortion clinic to save face. Until the church begins to understand grace this practice must continue.

    Second, I believe there is no way to stop abortion but by a change of heart, lifestyle, and our attitude towards “choice.”

    I heard a great podcast recently where it was postulated that the root of abortion comes from the Puritans. The argument went something like this: The Puritans rebelled against the church authorities of their day, running to a new land where they could exercise their freedom to “choose” how to worship, etc. In the process they murdered millions of Native Americans in order to secure their “right to choose” how to live. I don’t know, for me this smacks of real truth. The issue is not murdering babies, the issue is our attitude towards what “rights” we should have as human beings.

    Love says that I do not have a “right” to live any way I want to – at the expense of those around me. The idea that I DO have that right (the Bible names it Pride – aka “self”) is the root of ALL sin, from war to rape to whatever! Truth be told, I don’t even have the right to treat mySELF the way I want (i.e., drug abuse, etc.) – not if I understand that I belong to One who loves me so much that He would rather die than live without me.

    We don’t need Roe V. Wade overturned – the letter of the law kills. Paul made it clear that more law breeds more sin. But “where sin abounds, grace SUPERABOUNDS” – we have not come to believe this is true in the church … yet). What we need is a church that will live counter-culture – not just that we don’t murder our babies, but that gives its life away in love to those around us. This is how the Disciples turned the world upside down – NOT law, but LOVE. This is the ONLY way we will see it flipped again.

    Love your posts, Chief. Thanks for always making me think, and drink deeply.

    1. Thanks for your kind words JudahFirst. I believe radical grace is always the way.

      We can legislate morality. In fact, everytime a law is put on the books it comes from an explicity moral position, a good one or bad one. The original ruling of Roe V. Wade is an example legislating morality. Much of that ruling was based on completely false statistics of mother death’s/personal testimonies that proved false later, etc. To say a woman has the “right to choose” to snuff out the life of her child is stating an overt moral position that has been made into a law.

      If abortion is “murdering millions” as we both agree, then the law has a part to play. It is not wrong to have laws on the books that illegalize murder and rape outside the womb, it is for the preservation of a society that we have these laws as constraints on wickedness. God instituted governmental systems to constrain the evil of mankind (Romans 14). He did this for our ulimate good.

      When Paul speaks about the letter of the law “killing” he is speaking about the Mosaic Law the Jews clinged to for salvation, not any national civic law (otherwise he would have chastised the Roman govt he was under).

      THe issue IS murdering babies; a grace that doesn’t compel me to move heaven and earth to combat that, is a cheap grace indeed.

      I agree: I’ll keep preaching radical grace, and I’ll keep preaching the radical injustice of abortion.

      Bless you for your words! I appreciate how heartfelt and convicted you are on this issue. Peace and grace.

  14. I voted early for Romney. I hope he wins and can overturn Roe vs. Wade the way he says he will. I hate the thought of all the aborted babies, not fetuses as the abortionists call them….they are human beings and deserve to live.

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