Farmaggedon And The Framing Of The Watermelon

The American government has found the most formidable enemy to the fabric of our American life.

Is it abortion? (A national malady that has snuffed the lives of over 50 million tiny unborns since Roe V. Wade)


Is it American imperialism? (A type of hyper-nationalism that claims a military footprint in near every nation and drops drone bombs indiscriminately on innocent and foe alike)


Is it national debt? (An enslavement of our children to the whims and fancies of China, unemployment, economic depression, and over taxation)


The USDA has scoped out the enemy and it is a much more heinous subversive adversary than anyone ever imagined:

Organic Milk

Particularly, organic milk from small local family-owned farms.

It’s almost enough for Ron Paul to pop a Constitutional blood vessel in disgust. I’m not overtly political on this blog, but if even half of “Farmaggedon” is true then that is enough to fire Congress all over again and institute a prerequisite common sense test for all future elected members of government. Otherwise, we’ll continue to witness tragic and laughable scenes like this:

“Freeze! Get your hands in the air!”-USDA agent with glock drawn

“____”- Watermelon

“Your hands! Let me see them now!”-USDA agent


Big government Democrats give way to big government Republicans and the political cycle shifts every 4-8 years yet nothing substantial changes. If there is not a libertarian type movement among the populace then meaningless regulators and gargantuan bureaucracies will continue to terrorize such depraved and wicked practices as growing a garden and sharing your harvest.

Support your local farmer/farmer’s market. Your basic right of (healthy) food freedom may not exist much longer folks.

Bryan Daniels

Author: Bryan Daniels

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Jessica, and a father of three boys: Josiah, Gideon and Judah. I teach high school math as a job, read reformed theology as a hobby, and write this blog just for kicks. With the rest of my time I coach football and track.

21 thoughts on “Farmaggedon And The Framing Of The Watermelon”

  1. You’re going to really think I’m out there; but I believe this is one way our gov’t (or someone up top) can gain more control of us and our health. If we are sick, they make money. Have you seen Food, Inc.? It goes along with this video you showed. Very eye opening. And sad.

    Where I live, to get raw milk, the customer has to say it’s for his animals. Not allowed to drink raw milk. Wow.

    1. Cristal, that’s the way it is here where I live. Just nuts. I don’t think you are out there. I thought the same thing. They’re killing us from the inside.

    2. It’s not beyond the pale of possibility nowadays Cristal. We show our HS students that Food Inc. movie and then we continue to feed them those processed chicken rings for school lunch!

    3. My co-workers and I were just talking about somehting similar. You can still get raw milk here in CA. I grew up on raw milk…I’m still alive 🙂 I’m just now starting to get back to healthy, fresh, organic food. And Cristal, I don’t think you’re far off.

  2. HELLO. Thank you. Finally. Someone understands that, no matter how much you disagree with Ron’s foreign policy, the only way to break the big government trend is to get someone much more radical about libertarian ideas into office. If Ron Paul does what he says he’s gonna do he’ll destroy the executive branches current (illegal!) power and much more.

  3. Great post, Bryan. We have to take a stand somewhere! Things are getting way out of hand. In the past, the government was content nudge us in the direction they want us to go. They’ve dropped the pretense now, and are simply screaming, “GO! NOW!”

    To Cristal: No, you are not “out there”. In fact, you state the truth very mildly. It’s much worse than that.

    Here’s a little change of subject to put a smile on your face:

  4. Interesting and informative post. I didn’t realize how much of a problem this is. The movie definitely seems to show how crazy these government regulations are. However, anytime someone starts in with allegations this extreme, I tend to be a little skeptical. At the Boston Globe, one of the reviewers pointed out that the movie’s argument is very one-sided, and that can be detrimental to thoroughly understanding an issue.–+Movie+news

    Wikipedia also points out that while there are people who tout the benefits of raw milk, there are some serious dangers as well. Raw milk is not pasteurized or homogenized, so if it happens to contain e coli, salmonella, bovine tuberculosis, etc, then you can catch it.

    I’m sure that the FDA and USDA have made some mistakes, and their regulations may sometimes be overreaching. And this movie probably has some valid information that should be considered. But the trailer gives it the feel of a Zeitgeist-type conspiracy, and the government just has no reason to perpetrate a conspiracy against organic farmers.

    And while we’re on the subject of politics, I can’t help but mention this: I like Ron Paul — I admire anyone who is honest and straightforward. He obviously believes in his message. However, I think his policies, even his domestic ones, are too extreme. I’m disappointed that so many people think badly of the Democratic Party. They’re certainly not perfect, but they believe infrastructure and social programs should exist, and they actually try to fund them.

    1. Thanks Nate. It does have a “conspiracy theory” feel to it, as most documentaries do. I think there is a lot of truth mixed with some clever camera shots and factoids to keep the viewers interest.

      There are two sides to every story (I read that Globe article before), and this pretty effectively shows one. It’s true raw milk isn’t pasteurized, but pasteurization kills the bad and good bacteria our body needs. A healthy cow in a healthy environment has the balance. A cow in an industrialized cramped environment likely doesn’t, and that is the main reason we need pasteurization to begin with.

      For the record, I don’t put much of a distinction between Rep and Dem politics, and I don’t really care too much for either party. Though both promise the world to everyone, neither have proven they care about the national debt and military overreach when they actually get in power.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I agree that the industrialized version of farms that we have today is a real problem and quite inhumane. But I don’t think policy has had much to do with those formations — it’s mostly the nature of capitalism.

        And just one more quick point about politics: I do think the Dems have a pretty good track record on the debt. Clinton left with a surplus, after all. The Republicans did pretty well with it a couple of generations ago, but there aren’t many of that breed left, unfortunately.

        Thanks again.

        1. I think policy has a little to do with it. The gov is not raiding Tyson food plants in the same way it is family farms. A freer capitalist market would support a freedom of choices and not favor just the industrialized big business farms.

          Clinton’s economy was solid, but the purse strings were also controlled by Rep dominated congress. I think the issue is when one party gets control of all three branches (Bush late in his term/Obama early in his), that is when accountablility wanes and abuse ensues. But that is the risk we take with democracy, so I’d take these ebbs and flows over other systems.

          Good points and thanks for the responses sir!

  5. It is sad that most people are not aware this is going on. I get a lot of resistance from certain groups of people on the dangers of GMO and non-organic foods. I admit I do not eat all organic but I do avoid GMO’s. I feel that they are an abomination and blasphemy in a way that man has said God did not make the food supply perfect we must perfect what he made. God made healthy organic food! Man with the help of Satan made health hazard chemicals and GMO foods.

  6. It does make me wonder sometimes..well.. more often than not at least…how Gods people survive…tut…oh yeah…I remember….faith. I mean…no I dont…urm…lets put this another fashion but in the same way…that is Jesus…I will lead you into the land of raw untreated milk and natural honey that will be free of all fossil fuels and nuclear power…where you will not find semi skimmed milk or 99% fat free cheese as to stop you worrying about your little heart through the ambitions of a over caring milkman. Is that a high fibre locust you have there John? Please my people when you are collecting the manna today make sure you check the calorie count before consuming and before I forget please ensure you have you PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) before collecting please, thankyou. MMmm…I smell a faithless society only ever decreasing in its inrease.

    1. It is an expression of our “faith” to faithfully take care of the temples he has given us. If one believes the government is encroaching on that righteous act it is okay to speak about it.

  7. Our government has just reeled so completely out of control, my brain hurts. How do they take themselves seriously anymore? I just double-checked the organic milk in my fridge…there was nothing suspicious going on in there, though the hamburger meat is hiding behind some pink slime…

    I knew things would get bad before Jesus returned, but do we have to make it so easy for the antichrist to take over?

  8. Good points on the milk and farming issues. There are two sides to every story for sure. Unfortunately the US is good at doing many things that are stupid.

  9. Great post. None of this is new stuff! The past century (or more) are filled with this country being “over-governmentalized” (lol). Before I returned to my Father and gave complete control of my life over to Him, I co-wrote 5 books on similar “conspiracy theories”. Interestingly enough, couldn’t get them published? But, almost everything we wrote about 20 years ago has come to pass. We live in an man-made, plastic, chemical, technological world–but it’s a joy to “KNOW” that our Lord Jesus and Almighty Father will set it right…in His time.

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