I’ve heard the Lord’s Day is the peak time of the weak for the pornography industry. Let’s pray He stems the tide of this disgusting disease…

Chief of the least

[For the sake of time, sanity and honestly laziness, I have some previously used material I’d like to share from time to time: let’s call them “regurgitations.” I have a few saved posts I wrote that were previously shared on the late great blog “Enabled by God” (shout out to Kyle if you’re reading). These were mainly devotional in type, and I believe they may be beneficial to someone somewhere in the E-World. Enjoy.] 

There is a giant elephant in our church sanctuaries. He sits in the back. Vile and unassuming. The deacons, choir, congregation, and even the pastor knows he’s there, yet they all try to ignore him. Meanwhile, he discreetly wreaks havoc on the soul of the church.

This lurking elephant’s name is porn.

It’s estimated a solid majority of young men (18-30) in the church view sexually pornographic images at least once a month.  Even a disturbing amount of young women are becoming more…

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Author: Bryan Daniels

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Jessica, and a father of three boys: Josiah, Gideon and Judah. I teach high school math as a job, read reformed theology as a hobby, and write this blog just for kicks. With the rest of my time I coach football and track.

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  1. I think you meant “peak time of the WEEK,” but what you have is very apropos!
    I’ve read also that conferences for church leaders often end up seeing a wave of watching X-rated pay-per-view, etc.

    I really think it points out our real lack of connectedness with the Father, and attempts to assuage our deep and unrecognized wounds. We get blindsided by the enemy in our blindness to how the sin of one impacts the Body, whether it is intended to or not. And so we all suffer….

    We are also afraid to confess that we fall prey to this. I do, and have, and it’s a continuing battle, one that is not easy to win. I even hesitate to say that thankfully I am winning it, simply because I don’t want the attack to become more intense.

    We all long for intimacy and closeness, a symptom of our fallenness and desire for God’s presence in a real and knowable way. I am so thankful he promises that in the last days, that is the covenant he will make–to make himself known to each of us in such a real way that no one has to say to another, “Know the Lord!” (Hebrews 8:11; Jeremiah 31:34; John 6:45)

    1. I’m embarrassed to say I fell prey to this sin early on in my twenties, and I’m a girl. It was so humiliating. I always have the utmost respect for the people that are able to admit they have a problem so personal. Good reply!

      Jesus will deliver you. He did me.


    2. Fellow warrior with you Ken (and Bird)! By God’s grace we can win the battle, and by the power of the Holy Spirit we can redeem and claim the internet for His glory. You’re not alone brothers and sisters! Peace and grace to you…

  2. I am sorry Chief, but I have to ask… Where do you find this junk? And what glory does it bring to God? ThIs is 2012 is it not? Is there nothing positive in your heart to write about? Most of the time when I read one of your posts of late. I feel like I grabed one of those trash magazines at the groceries store check out stand!

    Dont get me wrong, it’s not like its an unworthy topic! But I hear nothing but negativity, with no glory in return to God’s sovereignty. Balance my brother is key to sharing the greatness of God!

    1. Did you read the article to the end? I am sorry, but I have no idea why you’re subscribed to what you deem as a “trash magazine”…Do you have an encouraging word sister…ever?

      1. Sure Chief I have plenty of good things to say. Lets just say this is one of an extreme topic for me. And I find it upsetting to be placed in the same catagory of one so great as my heavenly Father. Perhaps it would be benificial for you to go read my page about me. I am sure it will shed a lot of light as to my responces. It is not that I have any ill feelings towards you. You are a great creation of God! I simply comment to all things with what hits my heart at the time and topic.

        Freedom to speak openly is Gods will given to all humanity. I say if it is worthy of one posting it. It is fair game for all responces. Not everyone is going to share the same opinion as you, or I. Personaly I enjoy criticism it gives me another perspective to look at, and something to talk to the Lord about.

        This is why I am subcribed to your blog. Reguardless of your topic rather I personally agree on how you word it. I find it challenging! Honestly do you really expect everyone to like and agree on what you write?

        I sure dont expect anyone to like or agree with what I write. Nor does it bother me if they dont. Im not out to get brownie points from people.

        If this is an issue for you I can remove my subcription. Its totally up to you brother. Blessings, and Love in Christ

        1. I don’t expect every one to agree; But “magazine trash” is not edifying language for fellow brothers and sisters. I try to make every post about God’s great grace in the conclusion. I don’t put the heavenly Father on the same level as porn (I don’t know where that came from!) !

          If you read to the end of the article it is all about the Son’s sacrifice and the heavenly Father’s love for even those stuck in terrible addictions!

          I would NEVER want someone to remove their subscription if they truly get anything out of it by God’s grace. Truly no hard feelings. Peace and grace to you.

    2. It is what it is. I don’t find that this post is taking away from God’s sovereignty. I find it like shining a light on the darkness. For sins like these, sometimes it is really helpful to know that there are other CHRISTIAN people fighting the same BAD, HUMILIATING, PERSONAL things.

      You don’t know anyone that has had to deal with this sin? ‘Cause I know tons…I know I would have died with my secret if someone hadn’t shared his problem with me and how to get over it.

      I guess I’m puzzled by your response…

      1. you can read my response to the Chief and you are also welcomed to go to my page and read about me: trust me the things in there doesn’t even touch the tip of the ice berg. I am how ever very joyful that you were able to find the help you needed. That is the great thing about God he will use those he needs to use to reach His plans. As far as other Christians, there hasn’t been any that I have found to be perfect, in thought action or heart.
        In fact I do know many people with this problem and oddly enough they are all mostly CHRISTIANS…

  3. Right On Chief!

    In covering news for more than 60 years, I’d like to think that few stories shock me anymore. But this is one of them. We ran across it late last year and the more we dug, the more disturbing it became.

    Eighty-year-old men paying a premium to violate teenage girls, sometimes supplied by former drug gangs now into child …sex trafficking big time? You’ve got to be kidding. Nope. That’s happening and a lot more along the same lines. -DAN RATHER


  4. Porn and gratuitous violence has become a common place acceptance. Like lust has replaced love in regards to relationships. These things are idolatrous things as they lead us to put ourselves and our desires – bad ones in these cases – before our faith.

    rjdawarrior is wrong. Your piece brings these things into the open and shows the hypocrisy of people if they follow these idolatrous ways and call themselves Christians. That way repentance through acknowledgement of guilt of idolatrous behaviour can be to the glory of the Lord. The Lord does not just want hallelujahs but acceptance of wrong and repentance to glorify his name.

  5. Yes, unfortunately, this “porn” presense is not about to go away soon but we can “set our affection on things above and not on things that are on the earth”. We can , when this dark shadow comes knocking, turn it over to one who can overcome, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He is the overcomer, we can trust Him to deliver us in time of temptation.

  6. i wish porn would have never been invented. i hate being disrespected as a woman, and i hate the thought that my partner would have to turn to that, bringing guilt upon me wondering what i had done wrong

  7. Sin loves to hide in the dark. Bringing this to the light will hopefully break down some walls and open some eyes.

    This actually happened to a family in our Sunday school class. He was surfing child porn on the internet. He got busted, went to jail and they lost their home. It shocked many of us.

    But none of us think it will never happen to us. What does Scripture say? “Take heed, lest ye fall.” (I Cor 10:12) I, too, was sucked into computer porn in my early 20s. It is shameful. Thank the Lord for His restoration and forgiveness.

    Thank you for broaching a subject that dare few to do. The truth needs to be spoken.

  8. While I think the post is definitely apropos, and I agree with most of it, I have to suggest that calling it a “disease” is the worlds description, not God’s. It’s sin, pure and simple and I think that’s pointed out pretty clearly in the post. Thanks for posting, I disagree wholeheartedly with rjdawarrior, but PLEASE don’t call sin a disease. Now, if you want to write a post about my DISEASE of anger, I’m perfectly fine with that! 🙂

    1. Ha! I agree, it’s a sin plain and simple. “Disease” is merely metaphorical language that intimates an aspect of the ill effects of porn addiction. Peace and grace.

  9. I have had a problem with Porn since I was a teen over 40 years. Now I believe I try with God to fight against it but find it very hard. More so now its in your home via the internet.

  10. I agree with chiefofleast and others here – and strongly disagree with rjdawarrior. God says over and over in the Bible, through various human mouthpieces, that we must walk in the light by confessing our sins to Christ and others. Those who walk in the light confess their sins. Those who walk in darkness hide their sins. John 3: light has come into the world to expose the hidden things of darkness. Those who love darkness refuse to come into the light. They don’t want their sins exposed, so they hide; only in the dark do they look ‘good,’ at least to themselves.

    If we want to walk in the light, we must (1) let the Spirit of God search our hearts through the light of the Word, (2) confess and repent of sins exposed, (3) then receive God’s mercy, grace, forgiveness, and love through the blood of Christ. If we want God’s purifying and anointing fire to fall on us, we must sacrifice our sins! Read 1 Kings 18 and listen to Chris Tomlin’s “Here for You.”

    Here’s my blog post on my addiction to porn. It started when I was three. http://imagodeivision.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/the-body-is-for-the-lord-fighting-god/

    God bless you all.

  11. the reality is that porn is all around us…children see things they shouldn’t by accident and their interest is piqued…people can hide all sorts of things in their computers, on tv, via the mail. it is a reality…men suffer more than women with this, but it is not solely limited to them…by calling out the “elephant” in the room, it allows us to support one another in the Lord…if we continue to pretend the sin is not there, we become sick and ineffective for the Lord…we must be salt and light…bringing the Light into the darkest corners of life is part of our responsibility before the Lord. can you imagine what some thought of Paul when he wrote the Corinthians about the incest going on in their midst? there were probably a lot of people shocked that Paul would stoop to such a low level to discuss such a terrible topic. great post–i have a friend that started Guys for Life and has an online mentoring academy…i believe they also address porn addiction as well as fatherhood for the unplanned pregnancy. keep up the good work!

    1. I great response, nana. I believe one of the most effective tools we have as believers is our confessions to one another of our sins, addictions and struggles (James 5:14-16), in other words, calling out the elephant in the room. Praises and affirmations of God’s Holiness are wonderful and also necessary, but certainly not the end-all-be-all of our work here on earth. As you’ve said, we need to be the light in the darkest corners of life and what better person to illuminate those dark corners than one who’s been there, done that and lived to tell the tale. Blessings to you, and to you Bryan for putting this topic (once again) front and center. ~A Fellow Struggler.

  12. Totally awesome! I managed to ruffle a few feathers 🙂 Your comments are all very interesting to say the least. But now take a look at it from a victims point of view. Put yourself briefly if you dare, and can handle it, in my reality. When we post things we must keep in mind that there are also the victims. And there is nothing one can write that will ever place a positive for those that have suffered.

    Trust me I have made this mistake a few times myself. I am Glad someone was kind enough to point it out for me.

    And just so you all know, the Jesus I know died for all sin…. Thus is the reason I have chosen to forgive the ones who did such things to me. As honorable as all your confessions are. I still would rather read about the wonders of God. This is 2012 and I believe we have beaten sin to death. Lets teach the world of What a great God there is just waiting for them.

    ~ Hebrews 6:1 So let us stop going over the basic teachings about Christ again and again. Let us go on instead and become mature in our understanding. Surely we don’t need to start again with the fundamental importance of repenting from evil deeds and placing our faith in God.

    Bless you all for posting, it has been a good reminder for me.

  13. Porn is one of many sins that lurks in the shadows looking for a moment of weakness. I haven’t heard those stats, but they are shocking.

    I read a novel recently (Christian fiction) where the theme was porn and it had a dual story line – one from the porn star’s point of view and one from the wife of a man who had an addiction.

  14. Great piece Chief! There is freedom in honesty and confession. God is faithful and just and I know I have broken His heart many many times. This elephant does need to be recognized and people like those who run the Jesus loves Porn Stars MINISTRY are showing the love and hope of Jesus to those that are lost in the industry. Satan has made it easy and I pray for God’s strength to draw us along His path and not the easy and selfish path. Thank you for putting this out there as it is a really big elephant everywhere.

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