Josh Garrels-Free Music That Could Make A Baptist Dance

In my opinion, Josh Garrels is the best thing that has happened to the “Christian” music industry in years. The above vid is a just one sample of his refreshingly diverse style. His musical, lyrical and vocal range is crazy good. Also, his theological depth is a fresh wind of change for the contemporary Christian music scene. And he is GIVING HIS NEW ALBUM AWAY FOR FREE. Seriously. Download “Love, War and the Sea In Between” for free here. You will not regret it. If you are not fully satisfied, I will give you a full money back guarantee no strings attached ; )

If the “best things in life are free” , Garrels’s album goes along way to further strengthen that maxim.

At least do yourself a favor and listen to Garrels’s  song “Ulysses.” If you don’t hear the intense yearning of a Bridegroom for His maligned bride in that brooding blessed  song, you need some spiritual hearing aids. I’ve lamented about the state of the CCM industry in the past; Some of the more inanely repetitive poppy-ish selections are just pure unadulterated cheese to me. The lack of theological depth and trite sound sometimes frustrates me. Why are we talking about torn jeans when we should be talking about the torn and bloodied son of God on the cross?

But there are more than enough creative and rich voices to thank God for within that very same industry. Gungor and John Mark MacMillian are a few others I would add to my personal list of favorites. Other than my steady diet of sermon jams, John Mark’s “The Medicine” is probably the most ingested album on my IPOD. Part of that frequency is because the song “Skeleton Bones” makes my three-year old son, Josiah, do the robot (for reasons unknown to me).

But seriously, download Garrels’s album.


I’m curious, what’s on repeat on your playlist?

Grace and Peace,

Bryan Daniels


Author: Bryan Daniels

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Jessica, and a father of three boys: Josiah, Gideon and Judah. I teach high school math as a job, read reformed theology as a hobby, and write this blog just for kicks. With the rest of my time I coach football and track.

66 thoughts on “Josh Garrels-Free Music That Could Make A Baptist Dance”

  1. “Why are we talking about torn jeans when we should be talking about the torn and bloodied son of God on the cross?” Amen!, ( and I wouldn’t mind hearing some Spirit-annointed anthems about His glorious resurrection and Second Coming)!!!

    Here’s a link to my livejournal blog, you might like it–I posted three great old videos by Petra that glorify Christ, let me know if you like them?? You’ll have to copy and paste this 😦

  2. Paul had the best attitude; “Everything the Lord gave Paul then he in turn freely gave to others” there was no charge for Paul’s ministry. Paul told Timothy to take what he had learned from Paul and teach others. No copy rights just teach others Christ.
    I’ll check out the music; I’m so tired of some of the head banging hip hop stuff some call worship; I used to get it on but more recently I’m tiered of ladies in hip hiphuggers and tight jeans dancing in the front I could scream; but I’m called religious if I say anything:)

  3. Wish I could rap like that, then again for whose glory…mmm…I think I will keep my mouth shut. Please dont put your trust in Josh and cause him to even faulter at worst. Let him wash your grandmas butt for her if you cant make it. Or even give him the privalidge of cleaning the dog poo from the backyard if needs be. Jesus would do it. Its good to be reminded of how the Lord will keep his children in the last days and I hope He is with Josh to carry Him through if the Father so permits him to pass his tests of faith. Many will fall away today. Peace.

      1. well… I was rocking in my chair…. and I used to attend a Baptist church…. does that count? Ha!

        Okay, with that said, I did like that the words were posted, otherwise I would have only caught about half of them, and it was a tad better than a lot of the contemporary Christian stuff I’ve heard that sounds pretty much like rock and roll, but… I have to say I’m partial to the old spiritual hymns. Can’t help it, that’s what works for me (and some contemporary ones.)

  4. Alas I do not find this a time for dancing. I find this a terrible time. We are facing a claustrophobic spirit one that smothers freedom in the name of the Law. One that determines for itself the image of our creator and promises freedoms through enslavement to the worlds comforts. The truth is if technology was the answer then there would be no need for improvement or change but it is changing every season. CCTV trys to track the movement of the spirit but like the wind no one will know where it will go. Yet look again how man defies the word with his wanton nature to rule heaven and earth he invents satalite so he can see where the wind will go and why, what for, the same destruction comes regardless of whether the city knows or not. Pomp. It bothers me not to know I am watched for I know already to whom i will have to give an account too one day and it will not be the world. These are wicked days, full of mirth and dancing, revelry and such like. Drugs have never been so potent Chemists as we now know them in the brave new world have never been so powerful in the old world they were known as witch doctors, shamens, sorcerers and so on. People are deceived on a massive scale through TV and Valium one of Babylonias favourite menus let alone electronic music. These times are nothing new check Isaiah the Lord will tell you there what he thinks of the world today. If a brother wants to worship the Lord fine, go for it, but don’t let it only be through music and dancing, silence is an act of worship abstenance is an act of worship. For me this is a time of watching, quietness and sobriety these are the main areas that are constantly under attack in my life. Completely the opposite of the sell out citys and towns with there loud and brash garish and crudely sensual cultures. The more happy your town is and satisfied with their ways they become the less sleep you need. The banter these days between sinners can be a deadly toxin, be watchfull and listen, its witchcraft reaching the red line. Beware of the increase of so called knowledge and complexity of this life.The web is not a new invention it is only Eves heart as she reaches for the forbidden friut.

  5. One more thing words people have more words than ever and speak at phenomenal speeds. Just something I have noticed. The word says on earth let your words be few for Your Father in Heaven hears you and knows what you need.

  6. Oh and by the way with respect I am not a baptist. I have never baptised anyone. I am not a methodist either but I do use methods but as to what end I pray I may have mercy. I could go on all night but it comes to this, we are Christians, no more, no less. Although as to the quality of the observation concerning the baptists and their willingness to sit through anything at times I could have made them look positively athletic in their physical appreciation of Gods will even if it was just a minor head bob or slight toe tap.

  7. Thanks for the heads up–just downloaded. I list to a lot of material from Pastor Matt Chandler at the Village Church, Leeland, and Shawn McDonald. One of the guys in my office sweats that John Mark McMillan is the greatest lyricist of his generation so I’ll put that one on tap too.

    Best to you!

  8. never heard of him… I am always looking for new stuff though… will spend sometime checking him out tonight… lyrically sound and deep… but I’m not sure if this would really make anybody dance… to me, it’s got kind of a nodding or tapping groove to it. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  9. Call me a stick in the mud but I have issues with so called Christian rap as well. One reason is I have never needed rap music to convey Christ or enjoy and dread His presense. God has never rapped in the bible and there are no records of His people doing so either. There are no witnesses recorded as ever rapping someone into heaven so why do people think that they can? Rap has always been used to promote self will and self image. Any rapper in the world will tell you that a rapper is just someone that is goood with words and smooth with it, elequentol and charming, even SPELLBINDING. Rap is linguistic witchcraft, that’s where its roots are and it seems that everyone knows it apart from Christian rappers! Sometimes I cannot bare to to even sit with people who cannot admit this. Rap is the complete opposite of the Lords message to his people. The design of the rap, the copious amount of words they always entail. The utterly base uninspired, unenlightened, dull, pagan drumbeats that only cater for either a demons whim or a stoners headbob or as always, both. God has never chosen men who are full of their own intelligence or will to transpire his message. Rap is worldy and the young need to wake up and face the facts and quite frankly abandon it otherwise join them. God is your soulfood if you need anything from the world there then you are not in obedience. Josh is using some styles in his music that was big on the British and European world electronica scene in the late 90s. I know I was there. He has FOLLOWED their styles and he is piping you along into those realms that are incidently FULL of hedonism and spiritual deception. I would say adultery but they are NOT Christians and you have to married first before you can commit adultery. Be warned.

  10. Ps. When I say styles I do not mean instruments I mean patterns of music let alone instruments. Incidentaly Isaiah will tell you that men invent musical instruments to be specifically played AGAINST the Lord and today with electricity it it a worsening condition of mans rebellion. But with Josh it is the patterns of percussion he has used. He has copied the Satans artists. I could give you a very long list of names that you could listen to that will prove what I am telling you. But only on request. Dont be deceived. Satan uses Gods word, he has even had the audacity to use it against God himself so please get back into barracks if your out on this one and stand beside your captain. Josh music is impure.

      1. Yes I agree Keith, do not worry and be happy. Genuine obedience brings so much cheer to the soul. John the baptist was a very, very happy man. I have said one or two speculative things in my last comments, I do that sometimes on an exploratory capacity. I admit that it always has not been to my benefit and has backfired on me a couple of times. Anyway I would like to say that i am not against music and even permit in my house a little poetry occasionally that does rhyme and is set to music. I wish to hold an open heart to the Lord if He would convince me that my judgements are in error as to the roots of rap music and the use of it to convey the Gospel message then I am more than willing to stand corrected. Now there are a few threads of reason in my heart that would be pro rap, the vehicals of which we employ to convey our souls and spirit. One reasoning is this two men get up in the morning, they dress eat breakfast and leave for work. They both drive identical autocars right, down to the paint job. They get into their own car to set off for work they are both dressed in identical clothing. They both arrive safely at their own desired destination one of them is his work place the other is his bank. One enters his work place and settles into the days duty’s, the other enters his bank and robs it. What I am saying is music is the vehical or expression to which the person has desired to convey his heart, his will, his spirit. If we use other peoples music outside the kingdom then that music has already been used to convey the soul of the person and thus unto their father the devil. Is that a wise thing to do? But music is a limited form although you can rearrange the instrumentation, its still has laws. And so it seems to me is a common gift that is then left to the will of the artist as to the use thereof, like our two cars. Like the talents that the Lord gave to the men. They were from the same source and were given for the same purpose but the wicked son buried his and thus lied about what he had and robbed God and the people of what God wished to do. So could this be the same with rap music? I don’t want to appear hypocrital in my views and I do not wish to condemn I wish for all to grow to the fullest in the Lord. Another point is this no music or the arrangement thereof has ever been recorded in the scriptures as a guideline as to what is acceptable before the Lord on top of that is the fact that God desires a new song, a joyful noise and so. That to me leaves a big door open to creativity and that desired by God himself. Also Solomon seranaded his lover with music. Now that must have been quite a potent piece of music for the lyrics were. So in conclusion I would say rap onwards, be mindfull of the content, dont overdo it and tell the King of kings you love him. Oh, and if you can avoid using unbelievers samples. God bless.

  11. For real, thank you so much for this shout out! I probably would have never heard of this guy otherwise…and I fell in love at first play to this song and video. I plan on downloading this immediately once I get home!

    As for what’s on repeat on my playlist: the IHOP-KC Giveaway album, a ton of Hillsong’s new stuff (God is Able, Aftermath, etc), New Life Worship: You Hold It All, and Bethel Live: Be Lifted High.

      1. NO! Satan is not getting away with this purile bilge that he is trying to pass off as true worship. Its as heathen as it gets. The White owl track is a stench of godless strength, an independancy from faith as to the guidance of Christ. Christian people do not turn to their instincts for guidance, PAGANS DO! We are even warned against our instincts and are reminded in the letters as to their familiarity with beasts. No way Josh Garrel. Your advice is indisputabley in grave error!

        1. I feel bad that you have no capacity to process allegory and figures of speech in song. It’s a song about the Great Commision and bringing the “light” (Christ) into the darkness (world). There is no way Garrels (who IS a Christian despite your sure prophetic discernment he isn’t) is talking about animal base instincts. Garrels even calls us serpents and dove just as Jesus did….”Be wise as serpents, gentle as doves.” Oh no! Jeus is telling us to rely on animal instincts! No he isn’t either…

      2. Nope. I listened to the track and read the lyrics. He does actually advise to trust your own instincts as a beast would. This kind of guidance is godless and carnal. To be as shrewd as a snake is to test your friends and enemys as to their hearts intent. Satan did this with Christ as you may know and each of our motives are in Gods courts too. Doves never steal as a general law. Cukoos do though. Dont feel bad. I am pointing out a genuine lie. Instincts are brutish, they are selfish, desparate, unforgiving and wild. But then we have only one perfect teacher and his word will vindicate my words or not as the case maybe. I would love the scripture reference if any dear person out there knows it, I don’t have a concordance at hand. You may have missed the line.

      3. Please correct me if I am wrong here with the correct version from the KJV. Josh seems to have taken this writing from the NIV judging by the words ‘enslave to sin’ rather than the possible ‘servant to sin’. Servant denotes an enjoyment of ones dutys and so man is much fond of darkness is he not. Where as ‘enslaved to sin’ would denote a false state of person in comparison. One of oppression and misery that the word has come to represent. This we know is not mans attitude towards sin untill God begins to work on his heart. God will judge every word.

      4. Pps. I mean one of hatred towards sin through the Holy Spirits work in the mans soul..just want to make that very clear.

      5. Mr almost least, I do appreciate your judgements as you have caused me to think. I like that, people who inspire me to think. I strive to know it all and be perfect whilst taking the slaps taboot but it does not come over night. I have been thinking about all of the end time teachings and the signs, the hysteria and excitement over the rdif chip and what is going to happen to those who refuse the mark. The Locusts are what I am coming to here. I saw a video on you tube and it refered to the locusts and compared the creature to a APACHE helicopter, I must admit I could not see much difference other than something about hair but the locusts had faces of men and my eyes were immediatly drawn to the two pilots faces that appeared to staring out from the bugs eyes. I almost wanted to dance.

  12. I don’t listen to rap, usually, because I am more of a melody and harmony guy. That being said, lyrics are the heart and soul of songs, otherwise it’s just music – beat, or no beat. If the lyrics are solid, then there’s hope for the song.

    One thing I can say about the song in the above video – they were solid, truthful, and full of biblical warning. Listening to it I felt the sad realization that few of us ever understand the reality of the spiritual war in which we struggle. If we did, more would join the resistance.

    I could go on and on and on and on and on about the theory of style, beat, the internet, and the supposed inability of “rapping someone into heaven,” but I won”t. I have a strong distaste for legalism. I’d rather have the Gospel proclaimed through rap or heavy metal (God forbid) than sit around and wait for a literal rock to get things rolling.

  13. Thanks for the intro to someone new. Glad John Mark McMillan makes your son do the robot. He (John Mark, not your son) just makes me weep…I listened to The Medicine on a flight to Phoenix last year…could barely hold it together.

  14. Its a happy man who listens to a rebuke from the wise.Today wickedness is abounding so the wise men are harder to find.

      1. If you have discerned pride then I pray I maybe brought to conviction I have not been brought to orderly conduct for my own image or by my own power. Sorry if the comment is misleading.

      2. Maybe the wise man I am talking about here is Jesus and not me. After all it is his music to give in the first place. In fact, it is His word that defines what is not truth when it comes to any writing. So the wisdom is from Him is it not. I think the only solution here is to check the Word on the issue. I pray the Lord may restore the soul of those I may have offended, if I am wrong. If I am not, then may those who follow this lead follow His guidance into perfection and away from the error by ridding themselves of a recorded herecy.

  15. Bryan, this blog has really done well. ‘Cept for the “occasional” post from left field…I’m really impressed.

  16. I’m becoming a huge Josh Garrels fan. Have you heard of Matt Papa? He’s got some really great music (and some videos on Youtube). Great lyrics. His “It is Finished” is beautiful and appropriate for this time of year. Also, my church has put out a CD that in my completely biased opinion is amazing, well done, and deeply theological. I love it and listen often (and know that the musicians mean every word). You can listen to it here: or on grooveshark. Also, Sojourn has great music and Red Mountain Church… (also on grooveshark) I could go on and on…can you tell I’m a musician? 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing Carrie! I appreciate a “Musicians” perspective. I’ve heard a bit from Matt Papa, he seems very solid. I need to look more into him though; peace and grace…

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