You Can Lead a Ninth Grader To Math Class But…

{Almost verbatim}

Teacher: “Guys, I can only give you so many opportunities to succeed, but you have to reach out and take them. You know what they say, ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t…'”

Teenager: “…Drown it?”

Teacher: “Exactly. But actually, you can drown it.”

Teenager: “Really?”

Teacher: “Sure, I’ve done it before”

Teenager: “Really?! Why?”

Teacher: “It made me mad”

Teenager: “What did it do to you?”

Teacher: “It was easier to do than you think”

Teenager: “What?!”

Teacher: “It was one of those little mini horses about this high”

Teenager: “Awww, why did you drown it?!”

Teacher: “It was ticking me off”

Teenager: “What? What did it do to you?!”

Teacher: “It was just too cute, it was starting to make me mad”

Teenager: “Are you being serious?!”

Teacher: “No….I’m definitely not being serious right now….disregard everything I’ve said in this conversation immediately. Back to the analogy, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t…”

Teenager:  “Make it swim?”


Bryan Daniels

Author: Bryan Daniels

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Jessica, and a father of three boys: Josiah, Gideon and Judah. I teach high school math as a job, read reformed theology as a hobby, and write this blog just for kicks. With the rest of my time I coach football and track.

7 thoughts on “You Can Lead a Ninth Grader To Math Class But…”

  1. I teach 3rd and 4th graders at an elementary school in Minneapolis, MN. Students are wonderful creatures, aren’t they? Maybe someday I’ll work up my nerve enough to tackle high schoolers.

    Thanks for sharing!

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