Convince Me Who To Vote For (Florida Primary) In 3, 2, 1…GO!

Before you convince me who to vote for let me give some preliminary background info: I’ll be the first to tell you I’m disenchanted with politics in general. If debate fatigue is a transmittable disease then I’ve caught it, and I wish the only cure was more cowbell.

Though I wouldn’t say I’m a Republican fanboy I would say I am an overall conservative guy on most all social and financial issues. I know George W. was a big government politician whose policies aided in the economic downfall we’re all experiencing (Give him some props for beast moments like this though). I know a two-party system will have billionaires and lobbyists on both sides pushing special interests. That said, the Republican candidate has my general election vote tied down for this year at least unless some radical and tangible transformation happens right now in the heart of Obama over the infanticide of millions (60 million since 1973?) of babies in America.

The RNC could prop up a literal Mr. Potato Head for President and as long as he pledged with his cute little removable plastic mouth to protect the unborn my vote would be cast against Obama.

But this Tuesday the Republican primary in Florida is coming down the pike like a runaway Amtrak train upon us, and right now I’m as undecided as a woman buying lipstick. I’ve heard the debates. I’ve heard all the major talking points. The Washington outsider I first had a political interest in bowed out of the race pretty quickly as allegations of marital infidelity became insurmountable.

I’ve been contemplating doing the “Blackaby method” of major decision-making: Just wait until Tuesday and as I walk up to the election booth pray a quick prayer to see if I get a supernatural burning/vision for one of the names on the ballot. That way if my candidate loses I can blame it on God (I kid, I kid).

But seriously, if you would be kind enough to leave a comment, I would like to know my readers reasons for supporting a particular presidential candidate. Keep it pithy and respectful. Please do not spend time on the glaring faults of the other candidates in the field. I already know Newt Gingrich has had more wives than Solomon in his heyday, and RomneyCare wrote the blueprint for Obamacare. I also know Ron Paul used to play in horseshoe tournaments with Abraham Lincoln, and Rick Santorum just has that annoying look on his face a majority of the time (Does anyone else see it? Anyone?!)

Positive argumentation is what will persuade me. Really just the one main reason, at the honest gut level, as to why you are casting your vote for a particular candidate. Thanks.

I’m undecided. Convince me to make a decision.* Ready? Set, GO!

Bryan Daniels

*My vote CAN be bought with free donuts, coffee and/or books by Puritans.


Author: Bryan Daniels

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Jessica, and a father of three boys: Josiah, Gideon and Judah. I teach high school math as a job, read reformed theology as a hobby, and write this blog just for kicks. With the rest of my time I coach football and track.

22 thoughts on “Convince Me Who To Vote For (Florida Primary) In 3, 2, 1…GO!”

  1. This is easy.

    1. Vote for Romney because he is not Paul
    2. Vote for Romney because, despite being Mormon, he’s only had one wife
    3. Vote for Romney because he’s more than just some random nice guy
    4. Vote for Romney because he’s going to name Keith Baker as running mate
    5. Vote for Romney because I’m going to

    (Did I just break the debate rules?)

  2. My thoughts on each of the candidates.

    Ron Paul – I love that he is a constitutionalist and his obviously pro life stance is always wonderful to hear. He does make some good points that we need to butt out of some things. I really do believe that he would cut, cut and cut some more. He also has this belief that we had 9/11 coming. For me that is a complete deal breaker. He also seems to lack the understanding that some people are just evil and will attack unprovoked. I am thinking that he loves Will Smith’s line from Men in Black, “Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing”.

    Rick S. – Does anybody really think this guy has a chance to beat Obama given his debate performance?

    Newt – If I am not mistaken not only is he filthy with this whole “Payment from Fannie and Freddie” thing, but was he not the speaker of the house when much of the legislation was enacted that put the screw on the housing market. Also there is this ethics thing. He constantly goes around promising the world to each state. He is almost as bad as Obama about that. Oh and a base on the moon? Is he serious with that? American exceptionalism is a wonderful thing to triumph, but by building a base on the moon?

    Romney – I will not hold his wealth against him. Nor can I as an American hold the fact that he is in a cult against him. The fact that he has went into companies and fired a bunch of people in order to restructure to make it a success should not be an issue either. The one issue that I have with him is not the health care reform in his state as much as it is the individual mandate involved. There are waivers and many differences between it and Obamacare. When you look at that individual state, there were reasons for Romneycare and while the numbers were a little off at first, it was a success. He has repeated multiple times that he is not for a national plan and I believe him to be a honest man.

    This is certainly not an inclusive list of what I like or dislike, but merely what I have time to type out. I was scared that Romney didn’t have the testicular fortitude to take on Obama but he really showed up at the last debate and gave Newt a swift kick in the butt in my opinion. As of right now I am pulling for Romney. Whoever gets the nomination I will certainly support in any means possible because we can not afford another four years of Obama. We can’t afford another four years of anyone that won’t trim the waste. This is another reason given that Paul is out why I like Romney. He has experience in this. He has made his millions and I can’t see him caring who he cuts. He has said it himself, He likes to fire people.

    I don’t have time to clean this rant up, but there you have it.

  3. No need to clean up anything on this blog brother! Good thoughts! At this point I’m kinda thinking regardless of who I vote for in the primary, I’m going to be voting for Romney in the general election anyways.

    I watched the Romney rally live on WMBB today. Was lookin’ for your big ole noggin in the crowd : )

  4. Rick Santorum for me. Chris, despite your kind sarcasm…Mitt, as well as others in the establishment, are as much to blame for the State of our Union than the Dems. Screw holding hands with the devil….that’s what moderates do! Mitt has huge problems when it comes to Repealing the greatest jobs killer ever (Obamacare)…who actually believes him anyway? Believability is what it comes down to for me not the look on his face. Lol. Funny thought…when will we ever see the same annal exam of this president or any Dem for that matter? Never! Question for you Romney supporters…what kind of judges will he put in place? I shudder to think! Our Constitution/ our Nation hinges on that. You guys talk about the issue of abortion but forget the symptom. Who made these decisions. Liberal judges. My point is, if Mitt is our candidate, I pray that he is not another Nixon. Time will tell, but so will history.

    1. Good thoughts Keith! Do you think Santorum has a good chance? It seems right now the name recognition of “Newt” and “Romney” is too strong. I agree with you; the federal judge appointments are the main issue in getting abortion overthrown…In my opinion any of these Rep candidates would appoint more conservative judges than Obama…

      1. Obviously name recognition is key…but he won Iowa and no one saw that one. I think what we have going on right now is there are a lot of folks out there like myself that would like to see someone other than Romney and will vote Newt only because they feel that Rick can’t win. My belief is, he is still in this thing Vote for him! I have many friends and family that I talk politics with that feel like I do that he is our only conservative choice.

      2. Brother…Supreme Court is on the edge of disaster. One more moderate or liberal will send us over. As for the rest…I thik that it is a must to place strickt constitutionalist in these positions as they come open. There is no room for the idea that this document is “living and beathing”. Romney scares me.

    1. I think Santorum has proven himself to be more conservative than Romney or Newt the past few years; Ron Paul is the only one that strikes me as the strict constitutionalist (loony foreign policy aside). We’ll see, I might throw my primary vote for Rick while knowing I’ll probably be voting for Newt or Romney in the general….

      1. You may be right…at least for me, given the option to vote my conscience, I will vote Santorum. Bottom line, in most cases money wins everytime. Romney crtainly has that going for him…although I’m not certain it will win this time. What should not be a surprise is how despite Romney’s support from the Republican Establishment, people are bucking the idea. If he is our candidate, I believe it will be a frustrating race for us to watch…just my prediction.

  5. Mormons = full adultarated spiritual deuche pie full of blasphemy, lies, deceit, charm, idolatry and the love of money and yes I will be seeing them bake in Hell at an intolerable temperature and rightly so. God does not debate politics never has ever never will ever, so what is a bible believing spirit filled baptist doing debating politics? You see that is one major difference between politics and the monarchy. Jesus the King of Kings leads kings Proverbs 21.

    1. Stephen,

      I am sad that you think you will be in Hell, able to see others in Hell with you. I pray for your salvation. Please let me know if there is a good time for me to share the gospel with you. I will be using the English Standard Version for my biblical support.

      1. It will be my pleasure to reply. There you are Satan, it does not take much to draw you out in accusation does it, the Lord rebuke you and your monkeys. Where have I proffessed a pleasure in seeing people burn in Hell and for the one you are actually accusing before me, Jesus. Niether Jesus or I will have pleasure in watching wicked filth burn but we will see it as we are clearly told that we are permitted to look into Hell and see the rich in torment. I am assured of this. Its not pleasure, its Justice. I suggest as advice that you drop your presumption but then that can only be Gods work and that is strictly for whom he chooses you Satan are not on the Guest List even though some of your monkeys might be.

      2. I believe Jesus’ parable of the rich man and Lazarus was intended to teach something other than the geography of the afterlife. I feel a fair degree of confidence that when we spend eternity in the new creation, we will not at any place have a view of Hell.

    2. Gee Stephen, you sound excited about certain souls going to Hell…not sure what you mean by,”yes I will be seeing them”…does that mean you will be there too? I pray not. God may not debate politics but I do! God places in all of us certain talents and desires. I happen to have a passion for the direction of my Nation in regards to the political discisions that are made. This is a pivital moment in our hystory Stephen. We don’t want to be like Europe! Socialism destroys! You people have adapted to a “craddle to grave” society where the All Mighty Government is like a Big Bosom, and it’s people line up to receive their daily portion. We are trying to run from that form of Governance. We live in a place where people still profit from hard work. We believe in a balanced Government approach and understand that “it” produces NOTHING…it’s only existance is by taking from the producers. Your own Margaret Thatcher said “The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” I could go on about this all day but while this Nation has a chance to rid itself from an evil administration like your Labour Party, we will keep fighting. You may like to be controlled, but we like our Freedom. Hmm…parallel’s nicely with Roman’s 8: 1-4

    3. Stephen, I am now asking you openly for your full permission to include your quotes/quips from the past few months in my next post “Gems from Iddison.” (no commentary or editing from myself will be included) I would be honored if you would say “Yes” to that proposition, dear sir.

  6. Wish I had known of this blog before our Florida Primary. Thanks for stopping by and liking my latest blog, The 2012 Elections Are .. “Game On!” . I have enjoyed your WordPress pages here too!

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