1.2 million Caylee Anthony’s Die In America Each Year; With No Mourners Or Media Outrage

Pretty soon, the Casey Anthony trial will be old news.

The media storm has already waned a bit just a couple of days since the jury’s monumental decision. In another week, America’s short attention span will shift to political posturing and the next great legal case.

Many talking heads have waxed eloquently about the travesty of injustice after the “not guilty” verdict was announced. In the past three years the media and its minions witnessed an aloof young mother who was seemingly involved in at least some way, intentional or not, with the death of her beautiful two-year old daughter. But the charges didn’t stick. And a majority of the watching public believed the killer walked free, beaming from ear to ear, guilty of a near meaningless “lying” charge. For such an atrocity, someone has to pay.

Where was the justice for the tragic death of this two-year old life?

This past Tuesday everyone, and I mean everyone, had an opinion, judgment, or indictment to share regarding what transgressed in that Florida courtroom. In the social media explosion that erupted after the announcement I stumbled across this pithy tweet in my Twitter feed that took me aback:

Baby Caylee found GUILTY of being inconvenient to mother, like thousands of abortion victims each year.

It got me thinking.

In reality, there are a lot more than “thousands” of abortion victims in the US each year. The number is closer to 1.2-1.3 million. That averages out to thousands of abortion victims per day in the US. In less than forty years (since Roe V. Wade, 1973) there have been well over 50 MILLION American babies aborted, sacrificed largely on the altar of convenience. Research shows that well over 90 % of women who choose abortion do it for mere “social reasons (i.e. interference with work or school).”

The daunting words of the old WWII adage ring true: “Kill one man and it’s a tragedy, kill ten thousand and it’s a statistic.” One could add: Kill 50 million and it is a personal right.

It begs the question.

What makes Caylee Anthony’s death a greater tragedy than the tragedy of abortion?

Is it location? One baby is still in the womb, the other happens to be out of it. What should this arbitrary locale be that marks the actual murder of a child? Six inches in the mother’s canal? Six inches outside of it? How does proximity to a mother’s birth canal define personhood?

Is it cuter pictures? One baby is a fuzzy sonogram image that is playing with her umbilical cord, the other is a high-definition video playing with barbies. Are smaller, disfigured, or disabled humans undeserving of a right to live? Since when did appearance define personhood?

Is it because of the unborn’s complete dependence on the mother? What of the other downtrodden souls in society that depend on other’s for life and well-being? Do invalids, elderly, mentally handicapped, severely disabled and medically diseased have a right to live? Since when did dependence define personhood?

Are these the only marks of personhood that distinguish between a precious innocent baby and just a random “fetus”? From the moment of conception, a baby has human DNA and is a full-fledged member of the human community.

What is shocking is not necessarily that Casey Anthony got off. What is shocking is how inconsistent and incongruous our outrage is over the daily infanticide that happens right under our watchful eye. All types and colors of folk on the social networks publicly aired their deep disdain for the “not guilty” verdict because of the God-given hatred of injustice inherent in all image bearers. But we overlook the more inconvenient injustice we tolerate in abortion.

If you read my blog you know I rarely delve into politics. I’m not taking this tragedy as a prime opportunity to rail against revisionist Supreme Court Justices or a pro-choice President. That is because this is not a touchy political issue to me.

It’s a justice issue.

It is not a women’s rights issue. Not in the traditional sense. Literally, millions of potential female congresswomen, lawyers, doctors, teachers, and mothers have been stripped of their basic right to life as abortion victims. Abortion doesn’t help women, it murders tiny baby girls before they are ever allowed to even enter into the beauty of true womanhood. It’s not a political issue.

It’s a justice issue.

Inevitably, some pundit will charge the pro-life stance with “legislating morality!” This is a disingenuous charge. The pro-choice apologist also has his own interpretation of morality he is attempting to impose. To the pro-choicer, it is wrong for women to not have the “right” to terminate their pregnancy, and the government would be wrong to take that choice away. Notice the explicit moral catchword in the argument: “Wrong.” We have laws on the books that keep pedophiles from molesting children, because most everyone believes it is morally wrong to do so. Every politician and constituent, whether on the right, left or middle, wishes to legislate their own interpretation of morality in some way.

The death of Caylee Anthony deserves our moral outrage. But if our moral outrage is only dictated by the whims and verbiage of popular mind molders and cable news fancies, then we are overlooking ongoing injustices of epic proportions. We must not be lulled to sleep by political correctness, our own guilty conscience, or misguided calls for “tolerance.”

If the innocent blood of one man (Abel) screamed out “Avenge!” from the ground to arrest the ears of the Almighty, then what does the blood of 50 million sound like to Him? (Genesis 4:10)

Yet still, the blood of Christ “speaks a better word than Abel.” (Hebrews 12:24) On the cross, the blood of Jesus speaks “Mercy, Lord!”

Yes. Have mercy, Lord.

Bryan Daniels


Author: Bryan Daniels

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to Jessica, and a father of three boys: Josiah, Gideon and Judah. I teach high school math as a job, read reformed theology as a hobby, and write this blog just for kicks. With the rest of my time I coach football and track.

9 thoughts on “1.2 million Caylee Anthony’s Die In America Each Year; With No Mourners Or Media Outrage”

  1. Yes… why do people see abortion as a political issue??? And I get so disgusted when they call a baby a “fetus”… IT IS A HUMAN BEING with DNA separate from the mother! I have been praying for the Lord to have mercy on the sins of our generation. Abortion is the one I pray for the most! I didn’t realize the number is in the millions!!!! Thanks for this reminder to mourn the unborn.

  2. Amen,thank you SO much for your wonderful post. i have been trying for years to enlighten people walking in darkness about this horrible tragedy!!!!!!! the thousands of babies that die each day, and are just destroyed is staggering. back to good versus evil and in the end God will prevail, and give justice to the innocents that were murdered. may God richley Bless You!!!! thank you!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the good word Coach. We should be broken over the tragic defilement of our land by the shedding of so much innocent blood. The land is certainly crying out. May we cry out also in utter brokenness. God is surely just and he hears the voices of the innocent. May He have mercy on us all.

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